5 Ways An IT Manager’s Life Could Be Better

5 Ways An IT Manager’s Life Could Be Better
June 30, 2016 NetGain Systems

Pray to IT

Some of you may remember our last email, in which we shared 5 ways IT manages you, instead of you managing it. We discussed how the sheer number of fallible devices combine to make IT systems misbehave at the most inconvenient times.

In fact the preventative-maintenance aspects of managing IT systems can take centre-stage in your career for far too long.  Therein lies the great potential, and irony, of automation.

The Irony of Automation

Recently a Reddit user named FiletOfFish1066 became infamous for automating almost all of the tasks he was assigned at his company. He boasted on Reddit that he had done nearly nothing at work for the last six years.

But eventually, his company found out and promptly fired him. He had automated himself out of a job.

Now, at NetGain Systems, we don’t condone lazy employees, but this is definitely a good example of how network monitoring can make life better.  The real takeaway however is this: with all the time savings FiletOfFish1066 made from automation, he could have made himself more valuable.  But he did just the opposite.

Don’t be like FiletOfFish1066. Here’s 5 ways NetGain Systems can make your life better today, and make you more valuable tomorrow. 

You won’t have to deal with sudden pressure from superiors

Have you ever been reprimanded just because your CEO couldn’t access any of the company’s various IT systems for all of 5 minutes?

It might have happened during the crucial 30 minutes after midnight which your vendor had chosen to patch its software. How unlucky that your CEO had to choose those exact moments while the services were rebooting to access them.

Solution? A network monitoring system that alerts you when systems are approaching failure. If you are notified of potential problems before they happen, you can take proactive measuers to avoid the ire of your superiors.

You wouldn’t need to always sacrifice family time

An automated network monitoring system notifies you of potential faults or failing systems via SMS or email, before anything goes wrong. You won’t need to leave halfway during dinner or interrupt a movie date to tend to IT emergencies.

NetGain Systems also provides free network topologies and 3D maps of device locations, to make finding faulty devices easier so you save even more time at work.  All of which helps you go home promptly to spend more time with your family

You can free up time to to do work that is more valuable

Every minute that you’re not spending on fighting fires or locating system faults is a minute you can be using to add value to your company.

Think of all the things you can achieve: you can now tear yourself away from the office to attend more tech conferences, and upgrade your knowledge and skills to extend your capabilities. And that’s just a start.

You won’t have to live with constant insecurity

Is your CEO giving an important presentation to big clients tomorrow? Are you worried that the office network may go down just when he needs to access the cloud?

With NetGain Systems, you’ll be able to easily ensure that your systems maintain the performance and reliability you need. And you don’t even need to be in the office. All you need is a web-browser on your computer or smart phone to monitor thousands of parameters, such as traffic flow bandwidth, network access speeds, hard drive S.M.A.R.T. values and more.

You’ll get performance logs as well, so you can create heat maps for potential faults and over-capacity. This helps you spend your future IT budget wisely, so you’ll be saving twice when you buy NetGain Systems. Don’t forget to remind your boss that “a dollar saved is a dollar earned.”

You don’t have to spend half your days tweaking DIY solutions

Speaking of saving money, let’s say your boss recognises the importance of having a network monitoring system, but has asked you to implement a free, open-source solution.

Open-source software may work for your company, but there are also many pitfalls, such as relying on developers to fix bugs during their free time, nightly builds which can cripple components overnight, and other hidden costs like security risks. These will all become your problems, unlike with NetGain Systems.

Cost-effective, Customisable & Customer-Oriented

NetGain Systems is a balanced option that strides the sweet spot between free, open source software and expensive custom-made solutions. Plus, we have a local R&D and product support team, so you can get direct support for your issues.

NetGain Systems highlights include:

  • Plug-and-play ease-of-installation: one hardware device to monitor thousands of devices
  • Lower cost – you pay by number of devices monitored instead of elements
  • Unified dashboards; user-friendly interface
  • Service-oriented customisation; we add the options you need
  • Founded in Singapore, based in Asia
  • Global IT monitoring infrastructure & capabilities
  • More than 14 years track record

Our happy customers include major government agencies and financial institutions in Singapore.  Want to experience the benefits of NetGain Systems?

Try a free demo today, or talk to one of our resellers about how NetGain Systems Network Monitoring.can help you add more value to your employers, increase efficiency, and bolster your performance on the job.

Or, visit our website at NetGain Systems (http://www.netgain-systems.com) and contact us at assistance@netgain-systems.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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