6 Ways IT Infrastructure Performance Management Improves Your Bottom Line

6 Ways IT Infrastructure Performance Management Improves Your Bottom Line
January 4, 2017 NetGain Systems
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Today’s IT Infrastructure is made up of several component, like servers, storage, SAN, database, applications, etc and each connected to provide a it function or a service. However, as each brand and device comes with their own monitoring solution, IT teams may have to monitor them separately.

According to Tim Conley for APM Digest – “Taking a piecemeal approach to managing IT infrastructure is like inspecting individual links in a chain and not realizing one is missing. Without it, the chain cannot perform its job.”

This has resulted in the increase demand for a unified IT infrastructure performance management (IPM) solution because they include the ability to:

1. Satisfy Customers. In a world of impatient customers, if web pages or GUI take more than 2 seconds to load, business will lose these customers. Tracking load times via a IPM solution let’s you determine where the issues are.

2. Brand Protection. Till today, IT teams still talk about DBS and SGX IT downtime of 2014. No brand today can afford to take the risks of IT outages that can leave them powerless to serve customers.

3. Raise Productivity and Revenues. Manpower is expensive and brands have to empower them to be as productive as possible. IT downtime is often used as an excuse for an extended coffee break.

4. Lower IT Costs. IT budgets may stagnant or declined in 2017. Use IPM to manage cost as to determine if a new device or greater bandwidth is required or maybe just a simple reallocation is required.

5. Better Plan Mergers and Acquisitions. Mergers and acquisition may raise questions if new IT assets are required or to be consolidated. As such, one would need a detailed history of the IT infrastructure and its metrics to answer the “what if questions”.

6. Increase Stock Value. When customer experiences improves, brand reputation enhanced, productivity and revenue increase, and cost lowered, this sounds like the perfect recipe for improve bottom line. As bottom line improves, so does stock value.

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