Appreciate The IT Manager In-Charge Of Email Server

Appreciate The IT Manager In Charge Of Email Server Before It Is Too Late
November 6, 2015 NetGain Systems

Gizmodo recently asked their readers to submit their nightmare stories of worst IT job ever.

One that caught our eye, and IT managers can send to their management as a “lesson”, is a story of why your organisation should appreciate the Snr Systems Administrator responsible for the email server.

Wrote LordHelmet at Gizmodo,

Company had 3 offices and decided to close my office to save money. I had been there 14 years and was the Sr. Network Administrator on a salary, not hourly. Email server was in my office, as well as several live websites and SFTP servers. They gave us 3 months notice before the closure (state law, not out of the kindness of their hearts) so everyone immediately set out to find new jobs….

… They never worried about moving the email server even though I was the only one who touched it and knew the system. So my last day comes and the VP sends out a meeting request for the following day (Saturday) with me as mandatory, subject line “Move email server”…

… They expected me to do this for free the day AFTER my last day. I told them sorry, my last day is today, I don’t work here anymore after that. He looked me straight in the eyes and said that since I don’t start my new job until Monday I technically still work there. I said sorry, can’t do it, and told them I MIGHT consider doing it at a consultant rate. They said no, so I wished them the best of luck and moved on. Three weeks later they called in a panic and agreed to pay me whatever I wanted as long as I could get the email server moved that weekend…

Don’t you think it is time to have a “Appreciate The IT Manager In-Charge Of Email Server” Day?

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