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Beijing Olympics 2008 . Delivering Big Scale Live Monitoring

A Success Story of NetGain Systems

The Summer Beijing 2008 Olympics featured a total of 10,942 athletes from 204 National Olympic Committees competing in 28 sports and 302 events. It was the most watched event in human history, attracting some 5 billion viewers, which constituted more than 70% of the human population.

Key Challenges

Monitoring Large Scale Live IT infrastructure

Monitoring the vast-scale IT infrastructure of the Beijing Olympics was a formidable undertaking.
Its vast networks which spanned various stadiums and locations, consisted of more than 15,000 devices with distributed network, multiple venues and a central NOC (Network operations center).
As the project tender was closed late, fast deployment was required. NetGain’s specialised IT team sprang into action, resolved all preliminary issues and functioned as a cohesive team poised for all contingencies during the Games.
Customer Name Beijing Olympics 2008
Industry International Events
Location Bejing, China
IT Infrastructure Costs USD 400 Million
No. of Viewers 5 Billion
Number of Devices 15,000
Components 17 data centers, hosting 900 Intel-based PC and Unix servers, connected by 1,500 data network switches and routers

“The Olympics IT committee was confident that we could provide a solution within three weeks of winning the bid and in time for the first pre-Games trial.”

Toh Soon Seah
CEO and Founder of NetGain Systems

NetGain Monitoring Solution Provided

Discovering IT Failure before “Live” Games

Once NetGain’s Monitoring was set up, any problems in the IT infrastructure were immediately captured and the IT team notified. This ensured all issues were detected and rectified before they became catastrophic.

During the trial run, several cases of the Games’ systems were not performing optimally in the live environment. However, NetGain’s Monitoring Solution allowed the IT team to detect and capture these performance issues before they could manifest themselves during the actual events.

Swift Delivery Monitoring Needs for a Large Scale Event

Apart from monitoring the Games’ main massive IT infrastructure, NetGain undertook to monitor an assortment of devices ranging from printers to game timers.

With the tender closing late, NetGain could not afford the luxury of time. Fortunately, working within tight constraints was nothing foreign to the NetGain IT team. NetGain’s wide-ranging experience and expertise stood NetGain in good stead, as NetGain tailored the software according to the operation process and policies of the local IT team.

The flexibility of NetGain Enterprise Manager made scaling and customizing for Beijing Olympics’s IT monitoring requirements a simple task, thus facilitating the fulfillment of all requirements. NetGain ensures that nothing stands in the way as NetGain strive to become a part of the success story of customers, big or small.

Product Evolution

The demand for quick customization and stability inspired NetGain with ideas to enhance our core product, the NetGain Enterprise Manager. The final product is one that delivers greater usability and an even shorter learning curve.

After the Beijing Olympics, advanced features that were developed were built into our core product for the benefit of all our customers of all industries . The Beijing Olympics will always play an important role in motivating the NetGain team to improve and evolve NetGain Monitoring Solution to come up with the best monitoring solution for customers.

Our Achieved Results

  • Monitored more than 15,000 Electronic Devices

  • Conducted “live” monitoring for large scale venues of multiple monitored locations

  • Detected and rectified issues before actual Games

  • Met all of the local  IT Teams’ requirements at short notice

What Beijing Olympics’ IT Team Says

"NetGain Systems values commitment and keeps to its promises. Its advanced and reliable product technology successfully serviced the Beijing Olympic Games, accomplishing the task of protecting the Beijing Olympic Games IT technology, and thereby contributing to the success of this great event."
Beijing Olympic Council of Games

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