Certified Training Modules

Certified Training Programs

NetGain’s Certified Training Modules are designed to provide partners, users and customers a structured and in-depth hands-on learning of using NetGain Enterprise Manager

NetGain has established a training path from NetGain Certified Associate to NetGain Certified Master that offer a range of certifications. At the Associate level, theoretical knowledge and configuration skills are the foundations established. More advanced concepts come in later courses when the trainee has progressed through the training path gaining the necessary practical knowledge.

The training will include techniques and scenarios for users to gain better understanding of the NetGain Enterprise Manager v7 and to use this solution to its optimum.

Training are conducted accordingly to our participants’ skill level on the NetGain Systems Enterprise Manager v7. Our Certified Professionals partners will be on site to provide direct engagements and training support.

Benefits of Being A NetGain Certified User

  • Master NetGain Enterprise Manager with structure certified training modules
  • Learn with certified techniques and mock up scenarios
  • Different levels of training modules according to your skill level
  • Receive Your NetGain Certified Training Certificate



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