Detect Changes In Your IT Infra With Syslogs And Events Monitoring

Detect Changes In Your IT Infra With Syslogs And Events Monitoring
July 25, 2017 NetGain Systems
In NetGain Systems

Singapore’s Auditor-General Office (AGO) recent audit found weaknesses in IT controls among other laxity of controls in other areas.

It was found that while these agencies have their IT monitoring systems, there was no function for them to monitor changes or events occurring within their monitoring systems.

Having the function to monitor changes to the IT infrastructure, via syslogs or event files, is crucial for many businesses and organizations.

Especially when a third-party comes in to monitor your IT infrastructure, it is important to know what the monitoring systems are doing, such as unwarranted logins and security violations.

Never let laxity or lack of IT controls allow such events to go undetected.

With IT monitoring solutions such as NetGain Enterprise Manager, you can keep track of all these events with syslogs.

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