DMM FX Australia Faces "Intermittent Network Issues"

DMM FX Australia Faces “Intermittent Network Issues”
October 29, 2015 NetGain Systems

DMM FX Australia informed their clients that it is experiencing “intermittent network issues” and clients could face issues logging into its MT4 trading servers and client portal. wrote that, “The broker said that it was investigating and resolving this with the highest priority, but added there was no resolution time at this stage…

“The Japanese business of DMM has not informed its customers of any issues at this point.” added that another Australian online broker, AxiTrader, faced website outage earlier.


“AxiTrader has recently been impacted by two disparate incidents which have caused outages in different aspects of our Retail MT4 offering. The first incident related to a technical issue at one of our Internet Service Providers in the United States, this incident caused MT4 connectivity issues for a large number of non VPS Clients who access our offering over the Internet. We take this matter extremely seriously as at AxiTrader we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional Trading Experience for our Clients. We would also like to stress that our Institutional offerings were not impacted during this time.

In a completely separate and unrelated incident, yesterday, AxiTrader, along with thousands of other websites were affected by a Microsoft hosting issue in their South East Asia data center for approximately 5 hours. This affected users trying to access our public website. MT4 as well as the majority of other internal systems and procedures were not affected during this time. We will be investigating with Microsoft and reviewing our redundancy measures going forward.”

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