Don’t Pray Pray When It Comes To IT Downtime

Don’t Pray Pray When It Comes To IT Downtime
August 2, 2017 NetGain Systems
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Keeping your IT infrastructure up and running could be an arduous task. Especially when your colleagues are constantly demanding for your attention for various IT issues, your IT infrastructure could go down without you even knowing.

Here,  we have compiled some interesting and funny ways that different people around the world have done to keep their IT infrastructure up and running.

1) An ‘Obedient’ Server Room

Telling children to be obedient is something parents do. Giving your servers ‘Guai Guai’ (translated to obedient in English) snacks brings it up to a whole new level.

Who knows that snacks nowadays can be the safety charm or a symbol of obedience for our server rooms?

2) Prayers For Your Data Centers

Reliability and performance sometimes stretch beyond the natural realm. This is especially true for one data center, which needed assistance in the spiritual realm, by employing the help of a priest to offer prayers and blessings over the IT infrastructure.

A peculiar approach such as this may ensure your IT infrastructure run reliably, but no one knows the extent it truly helps.

3) Meditation For Perfection

We understand that our jobs have instances that are stressful. A little meditation can help to provide relief for our minds. When it comes to our IT infrastructure, how then can we help them to perform well? Here in this case, some meditation on behalf of your IT infrastructure could do the magic.

Meditating in your equipment room could possibly help, but doing so helps the person more to think clearer on solving the problems on his hands in our opinion.

There are no definitive answers to whether these uncanny practices have helped to keep the respective IT infrastructure performing optimally.

One good method, however, is to monitor your IT infrastructure with an IT monitoring solution, such as NetGain Enterprise Manager. Stay updated and pre-empt potential problems, before they happen, to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly.

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