A Downtime Start To 2017

A Downtime Start To 2017
January 13, 2017 NetGain Systems
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Two of the biggest Singapore enterprises suffered a bad start to the new year as they encountered glitches and technical issues affecting their reputation with end customers.

The recent examples below shows how business are affected when downtime occurs.

Singapore Taxi Payment Terminal Systems Down – A technical glitch in the mobile data terminals of ComfortDelGro’s taxis caused cabbies to be unable to accept cashless payments.

Affected taxi drivers received the brunt of frustrated passengers looking to pay by card. Some taxi drivers also shared they lost revenue because they could not receive bookings during this peak period.

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Singapore Pools Technical Glitch – A technical glitch in the sports betting services left annoyed local football punters unable to place bets or collect winnings. Local punters complained to the media of lost opportunities and potential winnings as a result of the service disruption.

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US Customer IT System Collapse After New Year’s Day – A nationwide collapse of U.S. customs service computer system caused thousands of disgruntled travellers to wait for hours at several airports. As customs officers scrambled to rectify the situation, there were also reports of arguments and some were reported to be needing medical assistance.

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IT Infrastructure is one of any business’ most important assets. An IT monitoring solution would preempt IT teams to the symptoms of downtime and provide them with ample time to address the issue.

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