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With NetGain Enterprise Manager (Free Edition), you can:

– Keep your IT infrastructure running reliably
– Prevent loss of data, time and money due to IT downtime
– Avoid unexpected hardware failures
– Protect your profits, customers and gain peace of mind

IT Hardware Failures Cost SMEs $6,000 Per Hour.


You can’t put a price on peace of mind.
Neither could we, so we decided to make it free.

Save Over $3,499!

NetGain Enterprise Manager (Free Edition) is the free version of our amazingly reliable and robust NetGain Enterprise Manager, used by the Beijing Olympics 2008, local financial institutions and government agencies, to detect problematic IT devices before they fail.

NetGain Enterprise Manager (Free Edition) retains 70% of the features found in NetGain Enterprise Manager Network Essentials and 50% of the features in NetGain Enterprise Manager Infrastructure Essentials.

Features NetGain EM
(Free Edition)
NetGain EM
(Network Essentials)
NetGain EM
(Infrastructure Essentials)
Network Monitoring  ok-512 ok-512 ok-512
Server Monitoring ok-512 ok-512 ok-512
Storage Monitoring red-cross-md red-cross-md ok-512
Database Monitoring red-cross-md red-cross-md ok-512
Application Monitoring red-cross-md red-cross-md  ok-512
Licensed Device Nodes 20 Up to 5000 Up to 5000
Licensed Netflow Nodes 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Syslog/SNMPTraps 500 logs/min Unlimited Unlimited
User Account Up to 3 users Unlimited Unlimited
Analytics & Batch Reports ok-512 ok-512 ok-512
Alert Notifications ok-512 ok-512 ok-512
Auto Discovery ok-512 ok-512 ok-512
Plasma Displays ok-512 ok-512 ok-512
Biz Views ok-512 ok-512 ok-512
Map Views ok-512 ok-512 ok-512
Google Map Views ok-512 ok-512 ok-512
3-D Perspective Views red-cross-md ok-512 ok-512
 Layer 2/3 Topology Views red-cross-md ok-512 ok-512
Rest APIs red-cross-md ok-512 ok-512
Dynamic Threshold Rules red-cross-md ok-512 ok-512
Northbound Syslogs & Traps  red-cross-md ok-512 ok-512
Alarm Handling  red-cross-md ok-512 ok-512
Unlimited Ping red-cross-md ok-512 ok-512
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NetGain Enterprise Manager (Free Edition) Capabilities

Intuitive Dashboard

NetGain Enterprise Manager (Free Edition) builds your customized dashboard easily to provide a single view of vital traffic information.

Discover Devices Automatically

Enter the range of IP addresses and NetGain Enterprise Manager (Free Edition) will automatically build the presentation within seconds.

Pin Devices On Maps

Use floor plans or Google maps to pin and view status of devices in a single glance. Layer 2/3 topology map is generated in seconds.

Effortless Monitoring

NetGain Enterprise Manager (Free Edition) is all about easy monitoring. All devices are always viewable from a single dashboard.

Early Alerts

Receive SMS, email, audio or pop up windows alerts when your devices reach critical or preset threshold levels.

One Click Reports

Generate management reports of tables and graphs to be used for IT audits or capacity planning with a click of a button.

Versatile Architecture

Need to monitor more than 20 devices? Click this box to upgrade to NetGain Enterprise Manager,  built with a high degree of scalability, convenient to deploy and scale as your business grows.

Fully Customizable

Need deeper and more detailed insights of your IT health with customized monitoring? Click here to get the NetGain Enterprise Manager which is compatible with various scripts for in-depth customization.

Why IT Teams Love NetGain

"NetGain played a major role in helping our company grow. The increased complexity of our business calls for better IT infrastructure monitoring, a service that NetGain could deliver really well. A technological breakthrough indeed.”
MetLife IT Director

“Since we implemented NetGain Enterprise Manager, we have been able to mitigate IT infrastructural risks and greatly reduced the impact of critical incidents. The NetGain Systems technical team have been instrumental in ensuring the Enterprise Manager is optimized and fine-tuned to monitor all our systems. I would recommend NetGain Systems to any organization looking to reduce downtime and businesses losses.”
Cogent Holdings

“NetGain Systems Enterprise Manager has helped us to ensure that our customers web experience of Internet Banking Portal is up to the mark. We are now able to keep an eye on our portal 24 x 7.”
CIMB Group

"Since Panasonic signed up to NetGain's IMaaS (Infrastructure Monitoring as a Service), I definitely know that I can sleep more peacefully. Not only did they meet our escalation process requirements, they could deliver IMaaS as a service - the other contenders could not deliver this."
Panasonic IT Team

“The IT management feels like they are in better control with the reliable and accurate figures in their monthly reports generated by the monitoring solution.”
Head of Network Systems CNNIC



Download Free IT Monitoring Software Today!

NetGain Enterprise Manager (Free Edition) is Forever Free!

Monitor 20 devices, unlimited elements per device!

Enter your corporate email to receive the license key to access NetGain free monitoring software.