Gain Monitoring Superpowers From the New NetGain v10 EM!

Gain Monitoring Superpowers From the New NetGain v10 EM!
December 14, 2017 NetGain Systems
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You have probably heard about the arrival of NetGain’s signature monitoring solution, the NetGain v10 EM. Well, look no further because it is finally here!The NetGain v10 EM marks our biggest milestone yet, packed with new performance improvements, enhanced Cassandra support and many other feature enhancements, which you can check out below!

New Features You Won’t Want to Miss!

User Customized Dashboards

Visualize your IT health status flexibly using customizable dashboard

  • You can add custom widgets to your own personalized dashboards the way that you want it
  • Have a better overview of the IT infrastructure activities you care about most at your fingertips

Inventory Management

A well-managed inventory for greater business decisions

  • Keep track of your IT and network assets easily
  • Scan, compile and record your inventory items including devices, ports and networks comprehensively

IP Address Management

Locate IP conflicts easily for consistent uptime

  • Centralised management of planning and tracking of IP addresses within the network
  • Automated regular subnet scans to provide up-to-date availability statuses of IP addresses

Network Configuration Management

Keep a constant eye on network configurations changes

  • Easily locate your most current configuration or retrieve a blown configuration with our backup and restore function
  • Conduct mass configuration in a matter of minutes

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