High CPU Utilization Causes Outage On Outlook And Hotmail

High CPU Utilization Causes Outage On Outlook And Hotmail
September 22, 2017 NetGain Systems
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Users of Outlook and Hotmail in parts of Europe found themselves unable to send or receive mails after an outage in Microsoft’s webmail services due to high CPU utilization.

Their high user-base meant that many people could not use the services properly.

Although Microsoft mentioned that the service is fixed, users continue to face problems logging in, sending mails or downloading attachments.

An IT monitoring solution, in this case, would have averted the problems by alerting the IT Department early of the outage due to high CPU utilization.

With an IT monitoring solution, you can be assured that your IT infrastructure is monitored 24/7 and you will be alerted, via email or sms, when it crosses critical levels.

Detailed information of the monitored devices’ CPU status can also be found through accessing the dashboard.

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