Identify Root Cause Of IT Downtime With BizView

Identify Root Cause Of IT Downtime With BizView
September 18, 2017 NetGain Systems
In NetGain Systems

When IT downtime occurs, the root cause could take hours to trace. This is especially so when the scale of impact is widespread, like Metro Trains in our news shared last week.

With Business View (BizView) in NetGain Enterprise Manager, you can get deeper insights into your IT infrastructure.

With BizView, you can:

  • See your business health through a unified console.
  • Find out how downed devices affect your business.
  • Drill down to the root cause for any downtime experienced.

To build your BizView, simply go to Monitor > Status > Objects and click Business View when using NetGain Enterprise Manager. Then, click on the gear icon to add your Business, Service and Service Dependency.

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