Enterprise Manager

Safety in the mining industry is of paramount importance and cannot be compromised at any level of operation.

IT has become the core of every mining operations, from back end operations to controlling essential life support equipment, makes it vital that team involved be alerted of issues to give them ample time to address the issues.
NetGain Systems has worked with partners providing IT infrastructure and support to the mining industry to go beyond monitoring of the health stats of essential IT and network devices to include monitoring of sensors of precision air conditioners to the performance of the exchange tractions and even UPS utilisation.

Extend Monitoring Beyond Traditional Network Devices

With its established dashboard, NetGain Enterprise Manager can be customised to accept data from devices that goes beyond traditional networking devices which could include environmental sensors that measure temperature to even oxygen levels in the mines.
The graphic user interface allows operators to set critical levels with a click of the mouse and set important thresholds to match the respective severity levels to allow the right team to respond to the issues immediately.
Once the thresholds have been set, IT teams in the mining industry can be easily alerted via SMS and email without any major effort required. IT teams can also receive such alerts via SNMPtraps should they already have a SNMP receiver in their existing setup.

Benefits of Monitoring In Mining Industry

  • Environmental sensors can be linked NetGain Enterprise Manager. Status can be displayed on dashboard, critical threshold set and alerts send SMS, Email, Audio, Pop-up
  • Create Business View to link critical business/operation functions to the related IT devices
  • Generate hourly/daily/weekly/monthly reports automatically and delivered to respective inbox

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