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Ships are still a vital means of transport today and most ships are dependent on IT to run its course from home to destination. IT controls communication, navigation, etc in the ships.

When an IT device goes down in a ship, the current process is that ships have to inform the IT support team of this and the support team probably have to wait till the ship docks to investigate the down device.
After investigation, given the tight schedule of the ship, the IT team probable is only able to fix or replace down IT devices at the next port of call.
This means a down IT device in the network infrastructure could take a few weeks before full repair is possible.
Ships deploy dynamic IPs as static IPs for satellite communications are currently still costly. Even if the ships have had static IP, VPN connection via satellite wouldn’t justify the cost to monitor each ship via VPN.

NetGain Cloud Vista Removes Issues Of Dynamic IP or Need For VPN

NetGain Cloud Vista is a “manager of manager” solution which allows shore based IT teams to monitor the IT infrastructure on moving ships without the need for costly VPN or static IP set-up.
Each ship is installed with NetGain Enterprise Manager, the base software to monitor the IT infrastructure, all it is required is for the NetGain Enterprise Manager to point to a static IP of the NetGain Cloud Vista, which can be installed on any cloud provider or in-house datacentre with public IP access.
NetGain Enterprise Manager will push the data to the NetGain Cloud Vista on pre-set intervals, giving shore based IT teams an almost real time view of the health status of the ships IT infrastructure. Data connection between NetGain Cloud Vista and local NetGain Enterprise Manager on ship is via secure connection.
With NetGain monitoring solution on board ships, off shore IT teams can take proactively take action even when the ships are out at sea to ensure that the right IT replacement or fix is ready at the next port of call.

Benefits of NetGain Cloud Vista

  • No VPN Required
  • Does not matter if ship IP address is static or dynamic
  • Minimal bandwidth utilisation from Ship’s Enterprise Manger to Cloud Vista
  • Data is securely stored in local Enterprise Manger
  • Secure communication between local Enterprise Manager and Cloud Vista
  • Connection from local Enterprise Manger and Cloud Vista in seconds.

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