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NTU . IT Monitoring leads to More Strategic Work for IT Team

A Success Story of NetGain Systems

Ranked 4th among top universities in 2015 by Times Higher Education, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is a full-fledged comprehensive and research-intensive university, consisting of 7 major schools and institutes. NTU has over 32,500 undergraduate and more than 4,300 staff.

Their Problem Encountered

Time Vs Resources

Singapore’s NTU is an internationally renowned research-intensive tertiary institution, with its broad-based education offerings covering science and technology, business and the arts, as well as entrepreneurial and leadership skills to prepare students for a global world.
The rapid increase in student intake at NTU over recent years has resulted in a significant increase in the number of IT devices and electronic services to cater to the needs of students, academics and administrative staff.
Monitoring the multiple devices on a staggering scale like NTU is a daunting task, yet essential to ensure the campus IT infrastructure runs smoothly; but it is also time-consuming, which leaves the IT team with precious little time for more strategic IT initiatives.
Customer Name Nanyang Technological University
Industry Education
Location Singapore
Number of End Users 33,500
Number of Devices Up to 500
Components Oracle Database, Webservers, Helpdesk, Library Proxy

NetGain Monitoring Solution Provided

Monitoring A Multiple-Campus University From a Centralised Console

From a selection of available IT monitoring solutions, NTU’s consensus is that NetGain Managed Monitoring Solution meets the institution’s exact requirements.
Equipped with NetGain’s thoroughly reliable cutting-edge systems, NTU’s IT team are able to monitor the IT infrastructure of all the schools on the university’s sprawling campus from one single console in a single location.
This is NetGain Systems’ distinctive time-saving feature, allowing to achieve optimum allocation of manpower and resources.
Morale boosted, NTU’s IT team are no longer plagued by sudden IT downtime, for they have put in a place a quality monitoring process managed and backed by NetGain Systems.

Our Achieved Results

  • Monitor more than 200 servers all in a single console
  • Detect Minor and major issues within a minute of occurrence
  • Time and resources freed up for more strategic and value-added services
  • Decrease in end-users’ complaints with less IT downtime faced

What NTU’s IT Team Says

"As the IT team could do away with long hours spent monitoring the university's IT infrastructure,we have become more strategic in our approach to IT. This has led to higher professional satisfaction within the IT team, as we can now focus on future opportunities knowing that the IT infrastructure is being taken care of, all the while delivering higher value to the school."

"We needed to build more trust between our team and end users. Up to this point, our end-users were alerting us of issues when script fails. This can be seen with high volume of end-user complain. With NetGain Monitoring solution, the IT team is now alerted to problems first and could fix them before end-users were impacted. This built the trust between the IT team and the end-users, and this was reflected with higher IT satisfaction scores."



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