NetGain Systems Accepted As Member of Nanyang Polytechnic’s Centre of Innovation for Electronics (COIE) for IoT

NetGain Systems Accepted As Member of Nanyang Polytechnic’s Centre of Innovation for Electronics (COIE) for IoT
January 20, 2016 NetGain Systems

The key feature of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the ability of these network of physical objects, devices, vehicles to collect and exchange data via the embedded electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity. However, the IOT community is lacking today is the expertise in data collection, display and analytics.

This is where NetGain Systems’ experience and expertise in monitoring IT infrastructure for Government, MNCs and SMBs for the last 14 years will benefit the IoT community at Nanyang Polytechnic’s Center of Innovation for Electronics (COIE) for IoT.

In monitoring IT devices in a complex network, NetGain Systems has been challenged by customers to provide monitoring beyond SNMP. These include monitoring via APIs or via scripts.

One such example was the requirement by a local telco to monitor and alert motion detected by its CCTV cameras across 26 locations. Through non SNMP scripting, NetGain Systems was able to link the motion alerts generated by the CCTV cameras to the NetGain Enterprise Manager and send out SNMPTraps alerts to the telco’s SNMPTrap receiver.

The operators can also generate reports to highlight to management of any motion detected at their highly secure data chambers and all motion are accounted for.

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Another project that NetGain Systems is involved in is the the monitoring of Wireless Controllers and APs via APIs instead of SNMP. The vendor of these wireless controller is known for providing APIs for third party to use to monitor but more than often, the vendor expects partners to use these APIs to develop their own monitoring.

For NetGain Systems, it took the technical team just a day to look at the APIs and collect the information that can seen from these APIs in a test environment. After discussion with the partner of which of these information is important to him, the NetGain technical team would then put in place the monitoring of these APIs via the NetGain Enterprise Manager.

NetGain Systems will take similar approach as a active member of Nanyang Polytechnic’s COIE for IoT. NetGain Systems looks forward to working with other members to provide them with the monitoring of their IoT solutions so as to allow them to focus on what they do best, developing the IoT solution itself.

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