How NetGain Systems struck gold at the Beijing Olympics 2008

How NetGain Systems struck gold at the Beijing Olympics 2008
March 29, 2016 NetGain Systems
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With the prize of being the Singapore company to provide the Beijing Olympics with IT infrastructure monitoring within grasp, it was a winter worth enduring.

“Having lived in Singapore most of my life where it is usually hot and wet, surviving the cold harsh Beijing winter was my toughest challenge yet,” recalled Soon Seah.

“Everything else seems a bit easier once you been through that!”

That winter adventure provided Soon Seah and NetGain Systems a huge head start against the bigger brands who were also bidding to provide similar infrastructure monitoring solution for the Beijing Olympics.

“We were introduced to a technical leader of the games as early as four years before the Games, said Soon Seah.

“That gave us ample time to do pre-sales with customer. This lead to a better understanding of the Games’ needs and helped to build trust with the Games organisers in our solution.

“As a result, the Olympics IT committee was confident that we could provide a solution within three weeks of winning the bid and in time for the first pre-Games trial.”

Upon the third week of winning the bid, NetGain Systems had already installed and started the provision of monitoring solution with the scalability and performance to monitor the IT infrastructure of up to 15,000 electronic devices, comprising of servers, firewalls, routers and switches, managed from a single platform.

This network, with 15,000 devices connect to it, is still considered to be the largest IT network in the history of modern China. NetGain Systems’ success in the monitoring of the Beijing Olympic Games was greatly appreciated and the Singapore IT company was rewarded the medal award for excellence from the same the Beijing Olympic Games Organising Committee.

“The success of monitoring the Beijing Olympic Games IT network helped to increase the trust of NetGain Systems solution with existing and new customers,” said Soon Seah.

“The Beijing Olympic Games allowed us to enhance the monitoring solution and evolve into an extremely stable and scalable monitoring platform than before.”

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