Network Outage Triggers Blood Shortage

Network Outage Triggers Blood Shortage
October 14, 2015 NetGain Systems
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When we talk about network outages, we are quick to link it to dollars and cents. However, when a network outage occurs in the medical industry, it is about life and death.

As a result of a multi-state telecomm network outage in Western Washington, Puget Sound Blood Center issued an emergency appeal for blood donations.

Wrote Puget Sound Blood Center,

“The network outage caused the loss of both telephone and computer connectivity for most PSBC locations, resulting in cancellation of scheduled blood drives and suspension of collections at all donor centers,” said Dr. James AuBuchon, president and CEO of PSBC. “This triggered an emergency shortage of blood locally.” PSBC needs to collect about 900 units each day to maintain essential inventories of blood components…

…PSBC immediately requested all western Washington hospitals to minimize usage of blood components for the next 48 hours. PSBC expects to continue to meet critical hospital needs during this period. About 40 states were impacted by the widespread outage, with the greatest impact in Washington and several other states.

IT has become an extremely important component for any organisation. For an organisation in the medical industry, IT downtime is a matter of life and death.

Unfortunately, IT protection is only thought about after a significant outage has occurred.

IT monitoring acts as an insurance against IT downtime and will alert your IT team of a problem before it comes a major outage issue.


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