Opinion : Is Working In IT A Thankless Job?

Opinion : Is Working In IT A Thankless Job?
October 14, 2015 NetGain Systems
In IT Monitoring

“Operating a network is like getting on a train and expecting it to drive you to your destination unimpeded and on time, all the time. We expect immediate and fault-free service, and many of us complain loudly when this doesn’t happen,” said Steve Prentice (@steveprentice), Senior Writer for CloudTweaks.

9Gag, a popular online satire site, shared this meme of IT and those in IT could easily associate with the photo above.

On one of my visits to a new lead, the head of IT shared that he was a having tough week in the office. A switch when down for five minutes earlier in the week. For that five minutes, one of top heads couldn’t send out an email.

As a result, this head “threw a fit” and demanded that the IT department do a full report on what caused the switch to go down and how it can be prevented in future. Unfortunately for the IT head, the switch couldn’t provide him the logs needed for the report and that caused further aggravation between the IT team and top management.

On the other hand, we had existing customers who shared with us how IT monitoring helped them to be in the front before the outage affected end-users.

“Management had an important meeting on a Monday at 930am where we had guests from China and Japan,” said this IT manager.

“Around 7am, I was awoken by an SMS that alerted me of a port issue with one of our swtich. This would have affected connectivity in the conference room.

“I arrived at office at 845am and the reception was already panicking. I hurried to the server room and did quick maintenance on the switch. Around 915am, connectivity was back up and the meeting went on without a twitch.”

“Nope, I didn’t get any thanks, but I was glad I resolved the issue before it reached the end-users. Otherwise, I would have to spend the rest of day doing up reports, instead of actually working, to explain the outage,” said the IT manager/customer.

Is working in IT really like being married? When it’s perfect, there’s no thanks. When it goes wrong, boy are you in shit. Do you agree with this? Email us to share your thoughts.

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