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Surveillance is vital to the security of many organisations especially government and private sectors.

The installation of CCTV cameras and the recording events ensure the security of the monitored facilities. The biggest challenge for organisations is to ensure that the tens, if not hundreds, of CCTV cameras and their connected devices are running efficiently and effectively.
When a CCTV camera is discovered to be faulty with no visible image, the operation room is required to personally examine the CCTV camera when the cause of the issue might be otherwise.
Facility managers are required to be alerted of incidents 24/7, but most CCTV monitoring solutions only provide alerts in the internal operation room.
This means individuals not within the premises are only alerted by the disruptions during the next working day, and in some industries, this can be critical and catastrophic.

Benefits Of Monitoring Surveillance Equipment

  • Increases Productivity
  • Pinpoint Exact Location Of Alerted CCTV Camera Instantly
  • One Dashboard To Unite All Devices
  • Alerts Beyond The Operation Room
  • Monitor Health Status Of CCTV Cameras and Linked Devices
  • Northbound SNMPTraps To SNMPTrap Receiver
  • Map Surveillance Devices With 3D Mapping

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