System Crash Led To Awkward Start Of News Programme

System Crash Led To Awkward Start Of News Programme
June 21, 2017 NetGain Systems
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A system crash just seconds before BBC News at Ten on Tuesday left the news anchor sitting in silence for 4 minutes. It further led to the system showing “Breaking News” repeatedly to viewers of the channel.

While the news anchor waited for the cue to start, the delay had caused several mixed reactions on social media, ranging from amusement to consternation.

The director, on the other hand, had swiftly changed to the backup system in time for the news programme to start as per normal.

The effects of the system crash at BBC were comparatively less serious than ITV’s Good Morning Britain. Due to overheated equipment, the show was stopped and replaced with a black screen.

Even when the show resumed, there were several abrupt disruptions throughout.

These system crashes could have been prevented with an IT monitoring solution in place. Alerts could be sent to personnel in charge when symptoms of a system crash, such as excessive temperature increase, show up.

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