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From data to voice, the network infrastructure in a telco is a backbone of its operations.

In the telco industry, any failure in one of the many devices in the network infrastructure requires prompt action. This ensures consumers and corporate users stay communicated at any time of the day.
The challenge for the operations team is to react quickly to the issue before it reaches the end user. Ironically, in today’s social media, any downtime experienced by the end user can escalate into a flow-blown PR nightmare which the telco need to exhaust more resources to douse the fire out.
NetGain Systems works with Telcos to ensure that their network infrastructure are in operations 24 by 7. If a device crossed critical thresholds before it goes down, the operations team are immediately alerted to ensure more time to react to the situation.

Low Monitoring Load With Customisation Capabilities

The network devices in a Telco setup are in the thousands and there could be more than twenty components in each of these devices.
NetGain Enterprise Manager is designed and tested to monitor these huge number of devices and components without any lag to the monitoring system which could slow down the end-user experience.

NetGain Systems have work closely with Telco customers to provide customised monitoring solutions and features to meet their unique requirements and needs. Customisation Capabilities.

Benefits of IT Monitoring In Telco Industry

  • Monitoring in Telco provides IT operation teams to react to potential downtime issues before they reach end users
  • NetGain Enterprise Manager have been used and proven that it is able to monitor huge amount of devise and elements in the telco space with minimum monitoring load
  • NetGain Systems will work with Telco customers to customise monitoring dashboard, requirements and reports that are unique to the Telco industry

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