What Are The Top IT Challenges That You Have In Common With Today’s Logistics Industry?

What Are The Top IT Challenges That You Have In Common With Today’s Logistics Industry?
December 26, 2017 NetGain Systems
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It is an exciting time for NetGain Systems! With the launch of the latest version of the NetGain v10 EM, more customers have reached out to us to find out how best they can engage a monitoring solution most suited to their business.

To keep you in the loop, we will bring to you real stories in this EDM series, titled “In Session with …”, which will give you good viewpoints of how others are making monitoring a priority in their plans for the year ahead. These documented learning journeys could possibly shed some light on key takeaways for your own consideration.

Check out part 1 of this series, In Session with Sin Ghee Huat Corporation. 

A Complex IT Environment

Sin Ghee Huat’s IT systems are interconnected and their underlying infrastructure that supports the operating systems, the network and handheld devices needs to be operational at all times without the possibility of downtime. They identified the need for a monitoring solution which would help fill the gaps.

To solve this, they chose NetGain System’s monitoring solution instead of an open source monitoring solution largely due to NetGain’s comprehensive support structure that came along with the solution.


How They Solved It

Together with a lean in-house IT support team, NetGain collaboratively monitored their operating environment in normal conditions and identify anomalies as they arise.

Sin Ghee Huat was able to plan for their IT resource expansion from monitoring graphs and alert patterns received over a period of time.


When it came to setting up alerts, they had the option to customize the frequency and responsiveness of each alert and set various categories in their alerting sequence such as having alerts prompted to them after three failure detections or when a fault in network or hardware is being detected.


What They Liked Most 

Sin Ghee Huat’s IT team found our monitoring solutions’ interface easy to use and took a matter of three days to familiarize with the alert set up process, devices discoveries, and monitoring features within the solution.


NetGain Systems was able to provide support every step of the way, from start to finish. From the prompt response received when they submitted their first enquiry to the domain knowledge of our IT engineers during set up, we gave Sin Ghee Huat confidence in our reliability.

What are some of the top IT challenges that you face with your IT environment? Like Sin Ghee Huat, you could benefit immensely from putting in place an IT monitoring solution which can help you go the distance with your customers. 

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