Top Singapore IT Downtime News Of 2015

Top Singapore IT Downtime News Of 2015
January 8, 2016 NetGain Systems

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In preparing this post, we had a worry, a good one though, that there was no IT downtime news in Singapore to highlight for the year 2015.

However, as we ended the year, one government agency broke the duck with downtime of its website that affected users from making payments and checking their account. As the website went offline, it formed queues at the agency’s various physical town offices.

If you have figured it out, we are talking about the downtime that CPF, Singapore’s Central Provident Fund, faced in December 2015.

CPF website was down for about two weeks in December where members could not access the online services. CPF shared officially that the website was down due to an upgrade of the website.

A thorough investigation after the downtime shared that the cause of the downtime was due to “”integration component” used by the website which malfunctioned because of high traffic and caused the wrong information to be displayed,” as reported in The Straits Times.

NetGain Systems shared some ways which companies can be alert of high bandwidth utilisation and how devices affect the business once they go down.

Another IT downtime news in 2015 was about a server that crashed in 2009. What so important about this server crash? Apparently, the server crash is being use as defence evidence as a potential contributor to Keppel Club’s estimated lost of $37 million in transfer fees.

Apparently, the membership supervisor who was sacked by Keppel Club for the alleged fraud in a membership transfer lost has sued her former employer for wrongful dismissal and highlighted this server crash as evidence against her dismissal.

Wrote The Straits Times,

“In defence documents filed by her lawyer, Mr Philip Fong, the membership supervisor also pointed to a computer server crash in 2009 that affected a substantial number of membership files, not all of which could be imported into a new database.

“She added she was not in charge of maintaining and keeping records of all the memberships and there were other staff in charge of recording and managing membership forms and the database.”

Let’s aim for zero downtime in 2016 together!

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