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Video and Guides

Corporate Videos

About NetGain Systems – Overview & History

Learn about the history of NetGain Systems.

What Customers Say About NetGain Systems

Customers sharing why they chose NetGain Systems for their IT Monitoring needs.

NetGain Enterprise Manager Monitoring Features

Monitor Your IT infrastructure in Minutes

NetGain Enterprise Manager is designed to get your IT Monitoring started in minutes.

Intuitive Views and DashBoards

In this video, we will show you how to customize your dashboard to be specific for your IT monitoring needs.

Powerful Report Analytics

In this video, we will show you how to generate reports from the analytics function in NetGain Enterprise Manager.

NetGain Enterprise Manager Demo “How To” Guides

How To Download & Install NetGain Enterprise Manager Demo

Learn how to download and install NetGain Enterprise Manager Demo in 4 easy steps.

How To Discover Devices Using NetGain Enterprise Manager

Ranjith from NetGain Systems showing how to discover devices using IP range in NetGain Enterprise Manager.

How To Group Devices & Add Individual Devices With NetGain Enterprise Manager

This video will show you how to group devices accordingly to your requirementsand add individual devices to a group.

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