Week of Glitches Across Industries

Week of Glitches Across Industries
January 16, 2017 NetGain Systems
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Across different industries, glitches in IT infrastructure continue to cripple the operations of businesses, resulting in loss of customer satisfaction and even loss in revenue.

This week, we highlight three industries affected by IT infrastructure glitches, namely petroleum, airline and banking industries.

1) Shell Malaysia Centralised Monitoring System Crippled

A computer glitch in Shell Malaysia’s centralised monitoring system incapacitated 900 of its petrol station to stop dispensing petrol.

Payment channels were also affected as credit card readers were disconnected from the system, making customers unable to pay through cashless payments.

Read more in The Star.

2) Flights Grounded Due to Glitch

Porter Airlines experienced a system glitch that forced five flights to be cancelled, affecting about 400 passengers. As a result, the company would be providing full refunds to all the passengers affected as compensation.

Read more in Ottawa Citizen.

3) Intermittent Glitch Causes Struggles To Access Online Bank Services

Lloyds Banking Group customers had difficulties logging into their internet banking services due to an intermittent glitch. Customers took to the social media platforms for complaints, while the bank worked to restore the full service.

As IT failings are becoming frequent in Europe over the past few years, banks are becoming even more susceptible to brand damage, while banks’ customers are even more wary and critical of system outages.

Read more in Reuters.

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