Weekly IT Downtime News

Weekly IT Downtime News
February 22, 2017 NetGain Systems
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Having an extensive IT infrastructure and network system to support your business operations is great. However, malfunctions and network outages leading to IT infrastructure downtime could bring unprecedented consequences for your end users or customers.

1) Huge jam at JB customs due to gantry malfunction

What was implement to ease congestion became a source of congestion due to malfunction for the second day in a row. The newly introduced MBIKE automated gantry system left many displeased bikers late for work.

While some had no choice but to brave the congestion to get to Singapore for work, some people just decided to take the day off and head home.

Read more in The Straits Times.

2) Faulty hardware causes outages

A faulty hardware caused service outages for Telstra’s corporate customers across New South Wales. This is following a series of outages that plagued Telstra since 2016. Hours long of outages do not just individual customers, but also businesses across various key industries.

Amidst lower reported earnings, additional investment had to be committed in order to strengthen its IT infrastructure.

Read more in ZDNet.

3) Employees locked out of computer network


Employees at US Department of Homeland Security faced difficulties logging into their network due to network outages. Due to lack of network redundancy, IT infrastructure were affected and thus, affecting their daily operations.

Read more in Reuters.

IT Infrastructure is one of any business’ most important assets. An IT monitoring solution would preempt IT teams to the symptoms of downtime and provide them with ample time to address the issue.

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