Windows 7 Update KB 3097877 Crashes Outlook & Causes Black Screen Of Death

Windows 7 Update KB 3097877 Crashes Outlook & Causes Black Screen Of Death
November 19, 2015 NetGain Systems
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Infoworld is reporting that the latest update KB 3097877 for Windows 7 is crashing Outlook on some PCs and even causing black screen of death when users try to log in to a network.

Wrote Infoworld,

The day is yet young, but I’m seeing lots and lots of reports of crashes, hangs, and odd behavior attributed to KB 3097877. As of this moment, Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged any problems in KB 3097877, and the only surefire workarounds involve uninstalling the patches or rolling back to an earlier system restore point.

Poster dfertigat at Technet wrote,

I have 5 reported computers that just get a black screen after hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del, we can’t log them into the domain…. The computers that this has happened to in my domain are all Windows 7 64 bit that are configured to download and install all critical windows updates overnight. (I’ll likely be looking into setting up WSUS after this) We have about 150 computers and only 5 have been reported so far with this problem, I know for a fact that a lot of computers were just shutdown over night so they are likely downloading updates this morning automatically. This sucks….

BenC1977 wrote,

I’m getting the same problem with Outlook 2010 32bit on Windows 7 64bit, it’s only affecting some HTML emails but as soon as you select one in the list I get the error “Microsoft Outlook has stopped working”. All these emails were working fine yesterday so the updates are to blame.

Not a great start for a simple patch to fix a OpenType security issue.


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