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NetGain Systems launches NetGain APM (Application Performance Management)

NetGain Systems launches NetGain APM (Application Performance Management)

Oct 20, 2020 by NetGain Systems

NetGain Systems adds Application Performance Management to its Solution Portfolio

SINGAPORE - 20 October 2020 -- NetGain Systems has launched NetGain APM, an Application Performance Management solution that provides visibility and insights into the performance of an organization's key business applications.


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NetGain Enterprise manager v11
Know what's going on within your network
and keep an eye on your critical systems.

NetGain SIEM

Log Analytics

Threat Detection


Accurate Keyword

Intelligent Workflow

NetGain Cloud Vista Suite
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The average SME loses $5 million over its lifetime due to IT downtime, along with immeasurable cost to its brand reputation.


NetGain understands the scope of business systems and how to maximize IT monitoring performance. Whether it’s a two person operation or a multi-national company NetGain can assist with all your IT monitoring services. Centralized or decentralized networks? On-premise, in the Cloud, or a hybrid network? Our IT infrastructure monitoring solutions will work seamlessly in any environment.

What Our Customers Say

Don’t take it from us, here is what NetGain’s customers say

"NetGain’s Service is extremely easy to use making monitoring a breeze."

Lim & Tan Securities

"NetGain played a major role in helping our company grow."

MetLife IT Director

"The IT management feels that they are in better control with the reliable and accurate monthly reports."

Head of Network Systems CNNIC

"We are now able to keep an eye on our portal 24 x 7."

CIMB Group

"Since Panasonic signed up to NetGain' services, I can now sleep more peacefully."

Panasonic IT Team

"NetGain Systems values commitment and thereby contributed to the success of this great event."

Beijing Olympic Council of Games

Monitor Your Entire IT Infrastructure from One Single Dashboard

Modern IT infrastructure deals with an increasing variety of technological devices and applications, creating a complex landscape for most businesses to operate in.

By offering a single monitoring dashboard with live updates and alerts across the entire IT infrastructure, expenses (and stress levels) are significantly reduced and the team is freed up to do what they do best.

Maximize uptime. Develop insights. Provide answers.


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NetGain’s goal is to help organizations of all sizes maximize uptime with IT monitoring services and solutions that are easy to use and understand, and to avoid security threats that will damage operations and brand reputation. NetGain’s solutions adhere to industry leading principles of IT infrastructure management. We solve your IT monitoring requirements that will keep your systems functional and healthy.


NetGain Enterprise Manager 
v.11 scrutinizes real time 
activity in your environment
with proven and practical
IT systems monitoring.


IT infrastructure monitoring
and security management
solutions simplify monitoring
and management of your
entire IT infrastructure.


Devices and resources
engineered through a single,
integrated IT monitoring
dashboard for both IT
and security events.


NetGain offers complete IT
systems monitoring solutions,
covering traditional IT networks,
IP based devices, databases,
middleware, applications, or
any IoT device.


IT support services easily
identify potential problem
areas and provides proactive
notifications, resolving issues
before end-users realizes
there was a system problem.


Keeps your personalized IT
monitoring dashboard secure
and updated at all times.

What Makes NetGain Systems Different?


Regardless of type, location or size, our solutions give customers the power to monitor their IT services, infrastructure, applications and devices with ease, and develop insights from their data – all from a single management dashboard


On-premise, cloud, hybrid, or managed service, every organization’s IT environment is different. Our solutions are designed to be uniquely customizable, evolving with your organization’s growth.



NetGain allows you to automate mundane tasks, understand and manage data and provide proactive business intelligence and reporting with ease.


With over 18 years of passion for customer success, we maximize uptime for SMEs to large multinational companies, with unparalleled industry experience.

Do you know how stable and secure

your IT infrastructure really is?


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Our proven IT support, monitoring, security management solutions, and forward-thinking and proven industry experience will ensure your company is getting maximum uptime from your systems and giving you and your team peace of mind.