Achieving Peace of Mind
January 27, 2021 James Chia
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Achieving Peace of Mind

The whole world must have breathed a collective sigh of relief when it was announced that the first vaccines for COVID-19 had become available. An end to lockdowns, restrictions on work and social gatherings was finally in sight, and life will soon be able to return to normal!

The reality, however, is that life will not quite return to normal, either as quickly as some people hope, or to exactly the way things were before pandemic. What is also real is the fact that vaccines do not cure or even prevent one from getting COVID-19. Instead, they build up the body’s immune system to be able to fight the COVID-19 virus should one be exposed to it. The protection and immunity afforded by vaccines are thus simply a way for the body to handle and manage the virus so that one is not harmed when exposed to it.

In a way, the COVID-19 vaccines are quite similar to IT Monitoring and Security Management (ITM&SM) solutions, with one being for the body and the other for the IT infrastructure. Just as there are different COVID-19 vaccines from different pharmaceutical companies, there are also different ITS&SM solutions from different vendors. Just as some vaccines have complex storage and administration requirements compared to others, some solutions are more complex to setup and difficult to use compared to others. And while different vaccines have different levels of efficacy, different solutions also have different levels of coverage and effectiveness.

As mentioned earlier, the COVID-19 vaccines do not actually prevent one from getting infected, but they build up the body’s immune system to fend off the infection so that it does not impact and harm the body. In the same way, ITS&SM solutions do not prevent devices from failing or a cyber-attack from occurring, but they provide the insights needed to identify areas in the IT infrastructure that are facing issues, whether due to device errors, application issues or security threats, so that remedial action can be taken to eliminate or minimize the impact to the business.

Recently, concerns have been raised regarding mutated strains of the COVID-19 virus, and how vaccines will be able to handle them. Well, ITS&SM solutions face the same concerns too, as they must be able to handle new device types that may be added to as well as new forms of cyber-attacks that may be encountered by the IT infrastructure. And just as vaccines may need to be modified to handle such mutated strains, it is important that ITM&SM solutions allow a degree of customization to meet the challenge of an everchanging threat landscape.

Beyond these and other functional similarities, one other area that they have in common is in what they bring – peace of mind.

When we get vaccinated, we can have peace of mind to go about our daily lives, knowing that our bodies will be able to deal with COVID-19 should we get exposed to the virus. This of course does not give us license to ignore good, basic hygiene practices – we should still wash our hands frequently, and should we fall sick, wear a mask in consideration of others.

Similarly, when organization gets an ITM&SM solution, it can also have peace of mind as it goes about its business, knowing that its IT infrastructure will be there for the business as it will have the necessary insights to proactively act on potential equipment failure, application performance issues or cyber-attacks. But similar to getting vaccinated, this does not mean that organizations should ignore good IT practices like having regular device maintenance, back-ups and disaster recovery procedures in place.

Peace of mind. Attainable now.



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