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Established in 1998, BUMA provides services to Indonesian coal producers across all production stages, including geology and planning, overburden removal, coal mining, coal hauling and reclamation and rehabilitation.

Key Challenges

Reducing Monitoring’s Customization Time

IT monitoring being a key area of strategic concern, Buma have tried several makes of open-source monitoring software, but each of those products required extensive customization before monitoring could begin.This hindered Buma’s ability to keep up  with the needs of their internal customers.
Another important area of of concern is real-time network visibility.  This is crucial as it enables them to know the exact utilization of their infrastructure in order to deliver the appropriate support for their customers. Today, Buma has put these irksome problems far behind them, thanks to NetGain.

Customer Name



Coal Mining / Contractor


Jakarta, Indonesia

Number of Devices



Network, Server, Security, Database, Application and Storage in a multi-platform environment

“NetGain Systems has enabled our IT team to have thorough information of our infrastructure’s status. As an IT manager, I could have a bird’s-eye view of the entire infrastructure’s status, get the proper reports that we need and perform proper analysis and planning of our network.”

Edwin Rene
IT Manager, BUMA

NetGain Monitoring Solution Provided

Customization of Enterprise Manager for Specific Needs

NetGain has customized NetGain Enterprise Manager to tailor to BUMA’s specific monitoring requirements.

The customization includes the complete monitoring of BUMA’s data center infrastructure, which includes precision air conditioners, exchange transaction performances as well as UPS utilization.

Value Added Customer Service

NetGain has been an integral part of BUMA’s ITIL service availability monitoring process for the past year.

BUMA’s IT team have increased their productivity as they now have full visibility of each and every detail of their network’s status. They are now able to locate potential problems with greater accuracy.

Constant Evolution of Software

To meet the demand of their internal customers, BUMA have regularly added new network devices that is unique to the mining industry.  NetGain worked closely with Buma to add these new devices into NetGain Enterprise Manager library of devices, and customised the monitoring and reporting of these new devices. 

NetGain’s close working relationship with BUMA has made it possible for BUMA to free up valuable time and resources, enabling their IT team to shift focus on their core business. 

Our Achieved Results

  • Monitoring 100 network devices

  • Customization of Enterprise Manager for specific monitoring needs

  • Providing Enterprise Standard Customer Service

  • Freeing up valuable time and resources

“NetGain Enterprise Manager has become an invaluable tool for our IT department. It provides us with valuable information that helps us prevent downtime while also keeping our customers happy and satisfied.”

Edwin Rene
IT Manager, BUMA

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