Certification Training 

NetGain Systems Certified Training Modules are designed to provide partners and customers a structured and in-depth hands-on learning of our products

NetGain Systems offers a certification training program that includes NetGain Certified Associate (NGCA) and NetGain Certified Professional (NGCP). At the Associate level, theoretical knowledge and configuration skills are the foundations established. More advanced concepts and practical knowledge are provided during NGCP.

The training will include techniques and scenarios for users to gain better understanding of the NetGain IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions and use them optimally.

Training is conducted according to participants’ skills level on our solutions. Our Certified Partners will be on site to provide direct engagement and training support.

Benefits of Being A NetGain Certified User

  • Master NetGain Enterprise Manager with our structured training modules
  • Learn with well designed techniques and mock up 
  • Offer different levels of training according to your skill level
  • Receive our NetGain Certified Training Certificate

“As the IT team could do away with long hours spent monitoring its IT infrastructure,we have become more strategic in our approach to IT. This has lead to higher professional satisfaction within the IT team, as we can now focus on future opportunities knowing that their IT infrastructure is being taken care of, all the while delivering higher value to the school.”


“NetGain Systems has provided us with a peace of mind. Our IT team is no longer as stressed up as before. The Enterprise Manager has helped us reduce our operation costs, making our business more cost effective.”


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