Challenges of Cloud Management
October 6, 2022 NetGain Systems
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Cloud has been the backbone of hybrid work model over the last few years enabling organizations to access data from anywhere and everywhere. More organizations are migrating to Cloud to accelerate innovation, agility, flexibility and cost savings with Cloud’s pay-as-you-use consumption model. But some of them find themselves grappling with the increasing complexity to manage and secure multi-cloud environments. As a result, not all organizations are managing multi-clouds effectively or economically to achieve their desired business outcomes.  Here are some challenges of Cloud management impacting IT teams today.


We Are Able To Help Reduce Complexity

One of the ways to reduce complexity is by centralizing management over the hybrid IT infrastructure.  The key is reducing the number of distributed interfaces across all systems to one and managing everything from a single pane of glass. NetGain SaaS, our cloud-based solution of NetGain family of IT observability and security management solutions, provides a native unified view for all your data, breaking down barriers between data and action. Users can focus on generating actionable insights from various sources, while our platform does the aggregation and analysis, providing full stack observability on a single pane of glass. 

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