NetGain Systems and STelligence Announce Closer Cooperation to Provide Customized Solutions for Thailand
February 2, 2021 NetGain Systems
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NetGain Systems and STelligence announce closer cooperation and to provide customized and co-created Network Monitoring, Security Management and Application Performance Management Solutions and Managed Services for enterprises in Thailand

Bangkok, THAILAND and SINGAPORE – 1 February 2021 — NetGain Systems and STelligence Co.,Ltd. have announced an enhanced partnership that will see both companies working closer together to provide customized Network Monitoring, Security Management and Application Performance Management solutions and managed services for enterprises in Thailand. This follows NetGain Systems recent launch of Application Performance Management, Cloud and Security solutions as part of its IT Monitoring and Security Management family of solutions.

NetGain Systems IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions

NetGain’s IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions provide comprehensive visibility and monitoring of the IT infrastructure and applications, including asset status, network traffic, changes made to the network configuration, application performance and security events occurring in the IT system. Users can customize their dashboards to quickly view areas essential to their business, and also set different rules and thresholds for critical and not-so-critical devices to receive timely alerts to potential issues and threats. Users will also appreciate being able to closely monitor all the IT devices used in important lines of business or in critical business areas through the use of Business Views.

With the recent launch of NetGain CVS (Cloud Vista Suite), NetGain’s IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions have been extended to cover the monitoring and management of all on-premise and cloud IT assets, whether in physical, cloud or hybrid networks. NetGain CVS has also been designed as a “Manager of Managers” for large and complex IT networks that are geographically distributed, providing a single consolidated view of all the IT infrastructure and security events throughout the entire operations.

And with the recent launch of NetGain APM (Application Performance Management), NetGain’s IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions now include the monitoring and management of critical IT business applications. This allows enterprises to not only analyze and improve the performance of their key applications, but to also optimize their IT environment through resource allocation and Capacity Planning.

Customized Solutions from STelligence to benefit Enterprises in Thailand

The enhanced partnership will see STelligence’s development and engineering teams working closely with NetGain to design and provide customized Network Monitoring, Security Management and Application Performance Management solutions and services based on an analysis of their customers’ requirements. For example, STelligence could create customized monitoring reports with NetGain’s guidance for a customer’s specific reporting requirements. Another example would be where STelligence would work with NetGain to create the code for new devices to generate monitoring data and to develop the API for those new devices to be monitored by NetGain’s IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions. These are just some of the ways how the enhanced partnership between NetGain and STelligence will benefit enterprises in Thailand with customized solutions and services to improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs by addressing their specific operational needs.

Enterprises in Thailand will also benefit from the direct access STelligence will have to NetGain support when needed to quickly resolve any customer issues.

“NetGain’s Enterprise Manager allows us to customize its features, making it easier to design our network management system to be consistent with our internal processes. This has led to higher customer satisfaction, and has also given us the ability to scale our support as our network grows.”

— Enterprise Data Services Manager,
Mobile Operator in Thailand

James Chia, CEO of NetGain Systems:

“Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is increasingly being recognized as an enabler for national economic and social development in Thailand and to strengthen its global competitiveness.   With more companies embarking on digital transformation and relying on ICT for their day-to-day operations, there is an increasing need for the IT infrastructure to be always-on and secure.   NetGain Systems is proud to partner with STelligence, one of the leading IT players in Thailand, to help companies in Thailand improve their ICT uptime and security.”

Santisook Limpeeticharoenchot, CEO of STelligence:

“STelligence focuses on solutions that improve the operational efficiency and reduce the downtime of IT systems in the organization, and the IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions from NetGain Systems is the perfect solution for us to offer our customers. We have already been offering NetGain Enterprise Manager to our customers in Thailand for their IT systems monitoring, who join the more than 500 other organizations worldwide using it. STelligence is very proud to enter this enhanced partnership with NetGain Systems so that we can co-create solutions and services based on NetGain’s products, which we believe will set STelligence apart from its competitors.”


About NetGain Systems:

Founded in 2002, NetGain Systems is a pioneer in the IT monitoring business and has established local teams throughout the Asia Pacific Region, including Australia, China and Singapore. Regardless of location, type, size, or complexity, NetGain’s solutions give customers the power to monitor their IT services, infrastructure, applications and devices with ease, all from a single management dashboard, maximizing uptime and achieving IT excellence. By understanding that every organization’s IT environment is different, NetGain’s dynamic solutions are designed to be uniquely adaptable, fitting the unique demands of their operating environment and evolving with their growing organization. For more information, please contact or go to


About STelligence:

Established in 2013, STelligence is a pioneer in providing commercial data analytics solutions in Thailand, focusing on the citizen data scientist with its Self-Service Analytics solution. From that initial focus on data analytics, STelligence has expanded its solutions and services to cover multiple domains, including IT MonitoringSecurity Analytics, Business AnalyticsBusiness Intelligence, Data Visualization, Self-Service Analytics, and Machine Learning and Data Science. For more information, please contact or go to

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