IT Downtime Becoming Costlier Each Year

IT Downtime Becoming Costlier Each Year
August 15, 2017 NetGain Systems
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The impact of IT downtime has always been a cause for concern for many of us. Reputation, revenue and resources are the few main areas of impact when IT downtime hits.

In an article written in 2016, an hour of IT downtime costs about USD540,000.

Fast forward to 2017, a survey has shown that the same duration of IT downtime has increased its cost to nearly USD10 million for some companies.

While the number may seem staggeringly huge, the fact that IT downtime has indeed become costlier over the years is an unavoidable truth.

As people rely heavily on IT, there is a need for an IT monitoring solution, such as NetGain Enterprise Manager, to ensure that your IT infrastructure performs reliably to delete expensive IT downtime.

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