Customer Testimonials 

“NetGain Systems values commitment and keeps to their promises. Their advanced and reliable product technology successfully serviced the Beijing Olympic Games, accomplishing the task of protecting the Beijing Olympic Games IT technology, and thereby contributing to the success of this great event.”

-Beijing Olympic Council of Games


“NetGain Systems has provided us with a peace of mind. Our IT team is no longer as stressed up as before. The Enterprise Manager has helped us reduce our operation costs, making our business more cost effective.”


“Since we implemented NetGain Enterprise Manager, we have been able to mitigate IT infrastructural risked and greatly reduce the impact of critical incidents. The NetGain Systems technical team have been instrumental in ensuring the Enterprise Manger is optimized and fine tuned to monitor all our systems. I would recommend NetGain systems to any organization looking to reduce downtime and businesses losses.”

-Cogent Holdings

“NetGain systems Enterprise Manager has helped us to ensure that our customers web experience of Internet Banking Portal is up to the mark. We are now able to keep an eye on our portal 24 x 7.”

– CIMB Group


“NetGain’s Service is extremely easy to use with its simple interface but detailed features, which makes monitoring a breeze. The monitoring solution is highly accurate and configurable. Customization is a main reason we went with NetGain and it fitted perfectly to our workflow. Backup and restore is now easier than before.”

– Lim & Tan Securities

“With the NetGain systems solution, we have an integrated system to generate monitoring and business reports, as the report generation is done online.”

– Manager, ChinaCache, NOC Dept


“The IT management feels like they are in better control with the reliable and accurate figures in their monthly reports generated by the monitoring solution.”

– Head of Network Systems CNNIC

“NetGain Systems helped us to move from manual reporting methods to customised automated procedures, without disrupting our own way of doing things.”

– Manager, Operations and Maintenance Unit 263 Network Communications

“Thanks to NetGain Enterprise Manager, We are now able to effectively monitor our IT Infrastructure because of the comprehensive services they offer.”

– IT Manager CIFM

“One of our favourite features of NetGain Solutions is that it allows up to monitor all our Network nodes on a single Google map screen. We are able to set different alert threshold, and each alert based on it’s critical level is able to be elevated to the right engineering level.”

– Eddie Tang
Managing Director, Sigma.3

“NetGain’s ability to adapt their monitoring needs to meet our specific needs is remarkable.”

– Ben Chong
Precision Infocomm

“The important benefit from NetGain is the peace of mind which they provide. We know our infrastructure monitoring is in very good hands. It’s definitely the reassurance we needed.”

– Panasonic IT Team

“Preventing IT downtime before it happens is very important for our business, and we have gone all out to prevent IT downtime.”

– Koh Soon Meng, Assistant Manager, IT Infrastructure
Nippon Paint


“NetGain’s service helped us to create an integrated view of our IT infrastructure devices, storage, systems, applications and services for our business operations with geographical topology view. Previously we had different interfaces to monitor our infrastructure, which were inefficient and left us in firefighting mode. Out IT systems are now delivering seamlessly, thanks to NetGain Systems.”

– Murphy Oil Corporation

“With NetGain Systems, we are now able to effectively monitor our IT infrastructure because of the comprehensive monitoring and alerting solution they offer. NetGain Solutions helped us to create an integrated view of our network devices, storage, systems applications and services for our IT operations with a business-oriented view. We now have end-to-end visibility into the health of our IT infrastructure and application devices, thanks to NetGain Systems.”

– Fraser & Neave (F&N)

“NetGain Enterprise Manager has become an invaluable tool for our IT department. It provides us with valuable information that helps us prevent down time while also keeping our customers happy and satisfied.”

– Edwin Rene
IT Manager, BUMA


“As the IT team could do away with long hours spent monitoring its IT infrastructure,we have become more strategic in our approach to IT. This has lead to higher professional satisfaction within the IT team, as we can now focus on future opportunities knowing that their IT infrastructure is being taken care of, all the while delivering higher value to the school.”

– NTU IT Team


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