Digitalization – A Double-Edged Sword
May 5, 2021 NetGain Systems
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Digitalization – A Double-Edged Sword

“Singapore aims to be a “Smart Nation” but the more it depends on IT, the more it opens itself to cyber threats. This is the cybersecurity dilemma. Explore global incidents of cyber espionage, disinformation, disruption and pandemics and how they endanger nations.”

That is the synopsis of a video documentary from Singapore’s CNA, which you can watch at As you can see, cybersecurity is a heavy subject to explore, but it is a necessary one. Cybersecurity has become a hygiene factor for all IT departments, be it on a national level, a corporate level and even down to the individual level. The first order of business for any IT manager is to always ensure that adequate detection and protection is in place where cybersecurity is concerned.

IT adoption and cyber threats are 2 sides of the same coin. While countries, and the same goes for companies, are rapidly racing to adopt technology to advance their economies, doing so unfortunately opens them to a world of cybersecurity issues. The more we rely on IT, the more we are exposed to the threats that digitalization brings with it. For example, as we advance from monolithic applications and data in IT infrastructure which are on-premises to agile microservices and data which are in the cloud, we are also increasing the threat of getting hacked or getting our data leaked due to human error.

Of course, the upside that the ever-evolving digitalization landscape brings is the reason why we embrace it and bear with its attendant risk. Fast development and quicker rollout of business applications, scalable and cost-efficient IT infrastructure, and available-anywhere-anytime services are just some of the benefits, and all these bring about growth and efficiency to the organization. The caveat here, though, is ‘risk’. Therefore, risk management is essential and must be in place to mitigate any existing and future threats.

For good risk management, you need to have comprehensive policies and fail-safe plans in place, and the right tools to deter and handle cyberattacks when they happen. Good risk management also entails not just managing the risks that you know about, but to consider the risks and dangers that you may not even be aware of. Here, you need to have preemptive measures in place that allow you to constantly monitor your IT systems and be on the lookout for anything ‘unusual’, so that you can investigate and take appropriate action against new or previously unknown threats.

To make risk management easier, NetGain Solutions has a suite of solutions that provide you with a single pane of glass from which to manage both IT Infrastructure and Security events. Included in that suite is NetGain SIEM, which has an Advanced Intelligence Workflow tool that simplifies the creation of a new threat rule should you encounter a new threat. This lets you create a visual workflow that then implements the required detection logic, without requiring you to write a single line of code. NetGain SIEM also has threat correlation capabilities, where it is able to correlate what appears to be innocent stand-alone events from different sources to identify a possible threat, providing you with protection against those dangers that you may not even be aware of.


Don’t let cybersecurity threats be the Achilles Heels in your digitalization journey. Click here to read more about how NetGain SIEM helps to secure your IT infrastructure:

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