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November 1, 2023 NetGain Systems
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Singapore, 01 Nov 2023 – Amid a dynamic digital landscape, Melioris, an Asia-based Business Process Services Provider headquartered in Singapore, has continually excelled since it started in 2002. They specialize in seamlessly integrating people, processes, and technology, with HR and Accounts Receivable systems at the core. Yet, challenges loomed as they grappled with a lack of proactive alerts, resulting in customer-reported downtimes and reduced experiences. Peak period performance issues and slow payroll processing intensified the need for change. 

The Impact of These Challenges  

These challenges had a profound impact, affecting not only operational efficiency but also customer experiences, particularly during critical payroll processing phases. Slow report generation times compounded the issue. However, NetGain APM emerged as the solution, optimizing the system and reducing payroll processing times from 5-7 minutes to under 1 minute. The strategic implementation of Application Performance Management (APM) systematically identified and resolved bottlenecks and user-facing issues, ushering in a shift from a reactive approach based on user feedback to a proactive one. 

Selecting the Right APM Solution  

The selection of the right APM solution involved a rigorous evaluation, driven by the need for real-time alerts and performance optimization. Melioris thoroughly assessed industry giants like AWS CloudWatch and DataDog, ultimately choosing NetGain APM. This choice was based on its perfect alignment with Melioris’ specific requirements and its well-earned reputation for resolving complex issues. Notably, the cost-effectiveness of NetGain APM underscored its suitability for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Melioris’s Co-founder and COO, Yue Yew Hoong, emphasized,

Enhancing customer experience and performance is always at the forefront of Melioris. NetGain APM empowers us to pinpoint bottlenecks, streamline critical processes, and ultimately provide a superior experience to our valued clients.” 

Seamless Implementation and Remarkable Benefits  

The transition to NetGain APM proceeded seamlessly, adhering to timelines, with proactive support from NetGain. In just 2-3 months, APM’s benefits became evident, untangling bottlenecks and optimizing resource allocation. Application performance significantly improved, showcasing the strategic shift’s tangible impact. 

Sustained Growth and Satisfaction  

The benefits of APM extended beyond the initial phase. Melioris seamlessly integrated new modules into their operations, continuously harnessing APM’s capabilities. IT manager, Thomas Oon, praised the solution, saying,  

 “Implementing NetGain APM was a game-changer for us at Melioris. It transformed our operations, proactively identifying bottlenecks and streamlining critical processes, ultimately enhancing customer experience.”  

Thomas rated their satisfaction at an impressive 8 out of 10. While Melioris applauded its technical prowess, they expressed a desire for more management-focused reporting alongside technical reports. 

Recommendation and Future Prospects  

Thomas resoundingly recommends NetGain APM to businesses facing similar challenges, underscoring its efficacy in addressing application-related issues and identifying technical bottlenecks. He also highlights Melioris’ ongoing APM journey as they integrate new modules and functionalities. In summary, NetGain APM has ushered in a transformative era for Melioris, enhancing customer experience and streamlining critical processes.  

For more on how Melioris and NetGain are shaping the future of Business Process Services and Application Performance Management, visit their respective websites: 

NetGain Systems: www.netgainsystems.com 

Melioris: https://www.melioris.biz 

NetGain’s remarkable success with Melioris serves as a testament to APM’s transformative potential in driving efficiency and competitiveness within the ever-evolving business process services landscape. 


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