Ensuring Excellent IT Operations at Hai Fu Tong
December 15, 2020 NetGain Systems
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Ensuring Excellent IT Operations at Hai Fu Tong

Businesses are always looking for that extra edge to thrive and excel. This is even more apparent in a highly competitive vertical such as Finance, where speed and reliability are key. Hai Fu Tong Fund Management, a Shanghai-based foreign joint venture fund management company established in 1993, is one such company. Their drive to excel resulted in them winning the “Golden Fund” Award in 2019 from the prestigious Shanghai Securities News.

As they rely heavily on their IT systems for timely data, it was imperative for Hai Fu Tong’s IT systems to always be available for staff to receive and access the data. Due to the complexity of their systems architecture, their IT engineers had to individually monitor the status of their different IT systems and network spread across multiple locations, each with their own monitoring tools, to ensure the systems were always operational. This was not only a complicated affair but an inefficient use of resources, with a lot of time and energy spent in passive monitoring.

With increasing business volumes adding to the complicated operational and maintenance workload, Hai Fu Tong turned to NetGain Systems for a centralized infrastructure monitoring and management solution to keep their IT systems running 100% of the time and reduce delays due to network traffic, with strong visual features to simplify operations.

Hai Fu Tong decided to implement NetGain EM (Enterprise Manager) and was able to transform the monitoring and management of its IT systems, enabling it to:

  • Centrally monitor and manage their IT business systems and infrastructure from a single location
  • Visually display key monitoring indicators on EM’s Dashboard for timely response to issues
  • Generate various EM reports for quick and informed decision making

In customizing the NetGain EM dashboard, Hai Fu Tong was able to display the status of its multiple systems and the network traffic onto a large screen. As a result, it could now efficiently monitor its entire IT system and visually identify any potential risks, allowing it to re-allocate and optimize the use of its IT resources.

“By using NetGain EM, we are able to monitor all our systems from our office. This has improved efficiency and made our operations and monitoring work a lot easier. At the same time, our engineers can easily generate various reports from data collected by NetGain EM to make quick and informed decisions.”

– Technical Manager, Hai Fu Tong Fund Management

Are complicated IT operations and inefficient use of IT resources hampering your business? Effective IT monitoring that frees up valuable IT resources could be the edge you need to take your business to the next level.

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