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Ensuring HealthTech works, from provider to patient.

Technology adoption in healthcare has been rising steadily.  From digitizing people’s health records, to the use of AI in disease detection, deep learning algorithms in medical diagnoses, the use of telemedicine, and robots in the operating theatre. HealthTech is actively providing better care to patients and increasing the life expectancy of people.

The challenge for the IT team is threefold.  First, to maximize uptime for IT infrastructure.  Second, to include new technologies and solutions in a timely and integrated fashion, and thirdly, to ensure security of the hospital data – including patient data.

How NetGain works with a healthcare provider

NetGain Systems is working with a private hospital in Singapore to help them maximize the uptime of their IT infrastructure.  The IT team’s challenge was to support the growing number of electronic devices used by the doctors, specialists and admin staff.

Healthcare equipment monitoring allows for the rules and alerts to be customized for all the different brands and types of equipment being being used, such as Oracle table spaces, IBM and Linux boxes, and hard disk space that are all highly relied upon by staff.

A single healthcare IT monitoring dashboard is used by the IT team, and this system will send alerts for any anomaly that is caught to ensure a quick response to maintain the uptime of the system. With this system in place, the hospital’s IT team can focus on different initiatives that ensure the IT operations remain running smoothly for the whole hospital. 

Benefits of using NetGain

Better visibility of IT infrastructure through single dashboard

  • With the single dashboard, IT has a consolidated view of operations. This improves their response time to issues before a device fails and causes downtime.

Predictive analytics that forecasts systems issues

  • By using the analytics in NetGain’s software, the hospital can make predictive forecasts of potential issues that may arise in the future, such as storage capacity limits. The IT team can make adjustments before any issues actually occur.

Integration and customization to fit their needs

  • NetGain is proud to provide flexible solutions that are capable of comprehensive healthcare equipment monitoring – even for new IoT equipment or older analog devices. Our healthcare IT monitoring modules have reports that are easily customizable to generate alerts and notifications, which allows the software to meet the demanding requirements of the hospital’s workflow.

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