Finding the Bottleneck with Ease
December 9, 2021 NetGain Systems
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Finding the Bottleneck with Ease

The IT Ops team is the go-to team when an internal user flags out a performance issue in business applications. The IT Ops team will then try to identify where the bottleneck is, in order to resolve it. Herein lies the problem: it is never easy finding the choke point. The issue could be caused by anything from inefficient code to faulty hardware or networking issues, and it takes an exhaustive amount of time and effort to manually find the root cause.

Recently, we received a request for help from a customer in the finance sector in China. The customer’s application was developed on Java and uses the SQL Server database. Since the deployment of the application, internal users have frequently flagged out the issue of slow page refresh, sometimes the page would take up to a minute to refresh. This issue has taken a toll on the organization’s efficiency, not to mention causing poor user experiences.

NetGain deployed our suite of solutions to investigate the issue with a multi-layer approach:

    • NetGain Enterprise Manager to monitor the performance of servers, storage, and switches, to understand the application from the hardware level
    • NetGain SIEM to analyze the application logs to understand whether the application had any errors or malicious access
    • NetGain Application Performance Management (APM) to collect application performance data and get visibility of the internal process of the application so as to understand the end-to-end user experience.

The end results? NetGain APM identified that the bottleneck was coming from their SQL Server database and the issue of the slow page refresh was resolved by optimizing the SQL statements that were causing the problem.  The users were happy with the application performance after the resolution.

NetGain APM provides real-time monitoring of key business applications within the organization. An APM Agent is deployed in the application, and it collects and processes the application performance data and sends it to the APM server. NetGain APM then visualizes the data to locate performance bottlenecks. NetGain APM analyses the process from a user’s access to the application, as well as the response time of calling different interfaces and databases. It also displays the time-consuming SQL statements, assists in optimizing the code and improves the user experience. As more business get conducted online, there is an increasing need to ensure the reliability and good performance of applications. Improved application performance can lead to increased employee productivity and organizational efficiency, ultimately boosting the company’s bottom line.


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