NetGain’s IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions help you understand what is happening in and to your IT infrastructure.


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Easy to setup and operate

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Single pane of glass to manage IT Infrastructure and Security events

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Customizable Dashboards to view what is critical to your organization

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Flexible to meet your organization’s specific requirements and security posture



Register for our IT Monitoring and Security Management Trial Edition, and for the 14 days experience all the features of NetGain Enterprise Manager (EM) and NetGain SIEM and see how easy it can be to monitor, manage and protect your IT infrastructure.

NetGain’s solutions, IT Monitoring and Security Management, will help you understand everything that is happening inside your IT infrastructure. There are multiple benefits that users have access to. Our products are easy to set up and use, with single pane of glass management, a customizable dashboard for viewing critical information, and a flexible way to meet your organization’s security posture and requirements.

Register for a Security Management and IT Monitoring trial. In addition to the free IT monitoring trial, you also get access to a SIEM trial and a networking monitoring trial. We give you 14 days to trial the products and then determine the fit for your organization. NetGain’s products make it easy to monitor, protect, and manage your whole IT infrastructure.

But that is only the beginning…

As you try out our IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions, you may be want to learn more about our advanced features and functions. If so, do reach out to us or our partners for more information.

During your trial, reach out to our service team or contact your channel partner if you need assistance or want advice on how to get the most out of our solutions for your organization. We also offer a complete range of training solutions – from introductory to advanced operation – if you are new to our Security Management and IT Monitoring solutions.

Our training courses have consistently strong reviews from participants, and whether you are just getting started with our free monitoring tools or are an advanced user with day to day responsibility for your organizations IT infrastructure, NetGain’s training modules will significantly increase your knowledge base and help improve your day to day operations.

The Next Step

At the end of your 30-day trial, we’re sure you’ll agree that our solutions provide the right balance of ease-of-use, powerful features and excellent performance that your organization is looking for to keep your IT infrastructure stable and secure.

After you have experienced for yourself the simplicity and power of our IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions, we would like to invite you to take the next step with us.

Contact us so that we can talk about how our solutions can be customized to work best for your organization.


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What Our Customers Say

“Since we implemented NetGain Enterprise Manager, we have been able to mitigate IT infrastructural risks and greatly reduced the impact of critical incidents. The NetGain Systems technical team have been instrumental in ensuring the Enterprise Manager is optimized and fine-tuned to monitor all our systems. I would recommend NetGain Systems to any organization looking to reduce downtime and businesses losses.”
Cogent Holdings

“The IT management feels like they are in better control with the reliable and accurate figures in their monthly reports generated by the monitoring solution.”
Head of Network Systems CNNIC

“NetGain Systems Enterprise Manager has helped us to ensure that our customers web experience of Internet Banking Portal is up to the mark. We are now able to keep an eye on our portal 24 x 7.”
CIMB Group

“NetGain Systems' solution is extremely easy to use with its simple interface but detailed features, which makes monitoring a breeze. The monitoring solution is highly accurate and configurable. Customization is a main reason we went with NetGain Systems and it fitted perfectly to our workflow. Backup and restore is now easier than before.”
Lim & Tan Securities

"NetGain Systems values commitment and keeps to its promises. Its advanced and reliable product technology successfully serviced the Beijing Olympic Games, accomplishing the task of protecting the Beijing Olympic Games IT technology, and thereby contributing to the success of this great event."
Beijing Olympic Council of Games



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