Keeping a Close Watch on the Business
December 2, 2020 NetGain Systems
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Keeping a Close Watch on the Business

When it comes to business, watching it closely is the wise thing to do. Especially when your business is time sensitive, when it is crucial to have up to the second information to forge the right response to changes in the business environment. When you simply cannot afford to have an IT failure.  That was the case with a fund management customer. 

One of NetGain Systems’ customers was in exactly such a situation. Chang Sheng, a leading Chinese fund management company, has its headquarters in Beijing with branches in Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou and Chengdu. With time being of the essence, they allocated huge resources to oversee a large number of business IT systems which target human behaviour, environmental monitoring and management monitoring to quickly locate and attend to problems in the organisation.

Ensuring their business IT systems are up and running 100% of the time is crucial to its business, as any system failure could lead to economic losses and seriously affect the company’s reputation. In doing so, Chang Sheng faced various challenges as they had multiple business systems with operations and maintenance undertaken by different teams. This resulted in high labour costs and low work efficiency, for while different teams were responsible for their own system, they were involved in similar monitoring and maintenance operations but only for their own systems.

In wanting to lower the costs and improve the efficiency of the operations and maintenance of the business systems, the business systems needed to be classified and supported based on differences in their operations and maintenance.

Chang Sheng was able to employ NetGain Business View, a key function of NetGain Enterprise Manager (EM), to separately visualize and monitor the IT resources used by each of its business systems, allowing them to centrally monitor and manage all their business systems while being able to attend to each business system individually. This help to reduce manpower and increase operational efficiency, which have brought significant cost savings to the company.

As businesses go through digital transformation during this challenging period to stay relevant, it is important to identify the right technologies and visualisation is key to ensure that your IT teams can stay lean and keep focused on other areas of operation that cannot be replaced by automation.

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