Keeping the lights on with NetGain Enterprise Manager
November 2, 2020 NetGain Systems
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Keeping the lights on with
NetGain Enterprise Manager

Keeping a power plant fully operational at all times is no easy feat. These power plants are typically built in remote places away from population centers, and the people that take care of them need an effective way to keep track of what’s happening in the computer room and network 24/7.

One such power plant is Tianjin Power Plant, a Chinese power plant which supplies electricity to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, where its IT team had to ensure optimum functionality in its 1,000MW generators and a desalination plant with a daily output of 500,000 tonnes.

The Tianjin Power Plant’s IT team faced challenges in needing to ensure:

    • Uninterrupted operations of the complex IT environment
    • IoT devices including UPS, air conditioning systems and sensors within the computer room are constantly monitored
    • New IT devices and systems that get added every year can be integrated into the monitoring system

Faced with such challenges, they turned to NetGain and the NetGain EM (Enterprise Manager) solution to monitor and manage their IT environment as well as the numerous IoT devices such as UPS, air conditioning and environmental sensors that keep the plant functioning, all from a single pane of glass.

Holistic Platform
By deploying NetGain EM, Tianjin Power Plant was able to holistically monitor its entire IT infrastructure from a single point, using SNMP, SYSLOG, and other program data and service interfaces. They were able to easily add new IT devices to be monitored while keeping track of changes to its IT configuration. They could also generate topology maps for its server rooms and key locations in the plant, letting them pay special attention to the equipment status there.

Functional Adaptability
As NetGain EM is based on a versatile architecture which makes it highly scalable, Tianjin Power Plant was able to add new devices to be monitored as its network expanded while still enjoying the same fast and efficient performance as it did on Day One.

Fully Customizable
Customization was one of the key requirements of Tianjin Power Plant, especially the integration of its UPS, air conditioning systems and sensors in the computer room into the monitoring system. They were able to accomplish this quite rapidly with NetGain EM, allowing them to view and monitor the equipment status as well as the temperature, humidity and climatic effect of people in the computer room in order to maintain a stable environment. 

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