Enterprise Manager

Safety. Profitability. Sustainability.

Safety is of paramount importance and cannot be compromised.

Mining companies are faced with a myriad of challenges, including squeezing more production yield from their operations, and doing so in a way that is sustainable to the environment.

The smart use of digital technology is leading to higher productivity and improved operations for mining companies.  Examples of technology used include data analytics and visualization to find profitable mining areas,  using sensors and analytics to determine machine maintenance and repair cycles,  and robotics and autonomous vehicles to replace manpower in the mines.

IT has become the core of every mining operation, from the back end applications and systems in the data center or the cloud, to all the essential machines in the mines.

Extend Monitoring Beyond Traditional Network Devices

NetGain Systems has worked with partners providing IT infrastructure and support to the mining industry that go beyond monitoring of the health stats of essential IT and network devices.

NetGain Enterprise Manager can be customised to accept data from devices which include environmental sensors that measure temperature and the oxygen levels in the mines.

The graphical user interface allows operators to set critical levels with a click of the mouse and set important thresholds to match the respective severity levels to allow the right team to respond to the issues immediately.

Once the thresholds have been set, IT teams in the mining industry can be easily alerted via SMS and email without any major effort required.

Benefits of using NetGain

Increases the productivity of the IT team through enhanced visibility of the systems performance

  • NetGain monitors the health status of the IT and IoT infrastructure, so that the IT team is alerted to possible issues before actual downtime occurs.

Pinpoint the impact on the business through business views

  • NetGain’s unique business views allow the IT team to identify and pinpoint the department that is impacted by systems downtime. This allows quicker problem resolution and proper communications throughout the resolution time window.

Integration and customization to fit industry needs

  • No two industries work the same, and no two companies within the same industry work the same. As such, NetGain’s flexible solutions and customizability allows a company to fit the software to their needs, and not the other way around

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