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Maximizing IT availability from port to port.

Shipping is the backbone of logistics and the supply chain.  Modern ships are dependent on technology to run its course from home to destination. IT controls communication, navigation, and other systems in the ships.

When an IT device goes down in a ship, the IT support team is only able to fix or replace it at the next port of call.  This means the device could be down for weeks before repair or replacement is completed.

NetGain Cloud Vista is a “manager of manager” solution which allows shore-based IT teams to monitor the IT infrastructure on moving ships without the need for costly VPN or static IP set-up.

Each ship is installed with NetGain Enterprise Manager that is connected to the shore-based Cloud Vista solution.   It gives the IT teams an almost real-time view of the health status of the ship’s IT infrastructure.   NetGain is even capable of monitoring the health of analog devices through integration with Wago connectors.

With the visibility of IT infrastructure from NetGain, the shore-based IT teams can take proactive action even when the ships are out at sea to ensure that the right IT replacement or fix is ready at the next port of call.

Benefits of using NetGain

Provide visibility even at sea

  • NetGain gives you visibility to your IT infrastructure even at sea. This gives the IT team ability to provide proactive management and cut down on IT problem resolution time.

Robust solution, low-cost, high value

  • NetGain does not require VPN access and does not matter if the ship’s IP address is static or dynamic. It uses minimal bandwidth to securely access the on-shore Cloud Vista. This means that the shipper does not have to spend much on telecom charges when using NetGain.

Integration and customization to fit shipping needs

  • NetGain prides itself on providing a flexible solution, with the capability of monitoring new devices such as analog or IoT devices. This is coupled with the ability of the development team to customize the software to fit shipping needs.

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