Why be a NetGain MSP?

Enterprises rely on telcos and Managed Services Providers (MSPs) for many parts of their business IT operations. They could be just for connectivity to the internet or between office locations, to fully outsourcing their business IT operations. For telcos and MSPs, managing their clients’ IT uptime is an important factor in driving revenue and customer satisfaction, with SLAs often tied to the IT system’s performance and availability.

The NetGain MSP partner program enables MSPs to ensure the optimal performance and uptime of their clients’ business IT systems. The comprehensive features of NetGain’s IT Monitoring and Security Management solutions let MSPs easily and effectively monitor servers, databases, storage, networks, security, IoT devices and application performance, using the easiest-to-use GUI in the industry. With NetGain’s solutions, MSPs can also gain insights into their clients’ IT systems to develop new value-added services for them and thus create additional revenue streams.

Key Features

• Visibility into your clients’ IT Infrastructure

See the status of your clients’ network at a glance on a map, drill down to see how devices in individual locations are performing, and get notified of potential problems to quickly resolve issues before they impact SLAs. Also, identify potential value-added service opportunities!

• Fast and Easy deployment

Monitor your clients’ IT infrastructure from a multi-tenant cloud-based solution. To monitor a new client, simply deploy an Edge application or device at the client’s site which would then work with the cloud-based solution.

• Highly customizable dashboards and reports

Customize the dashboards and reports for each client according to their SLAs and what is important to them so that you can be more productive and effective in meeting their individual requirements.

• Flexible engagement

Our monthly or annual subscription pricing allows you to align with how you charge your clients, helping you with your cash flow.

Or take up our SaaS offering where you simply pay for the use of the NetGain solutions running in the NetGain cloud. This lets you focus on using the solutions to take care of and manage your clients, and not worry about the provisioning, installation and maintenance of the solution.


Become a Partner Today

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