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Multiple sites. Central management. Secure.

NetGain Cloud Vista Suite delivers the entire IT infrastructure monitoring needs an extended business requires.

Benefits of NetGain Cloud Vista Suite

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Centrally manage multiple remote sites

NetGain Cloud Vista Suite gives you visibility to your IT infrastructure in remote sites. IT operations in the HQ would be able to use NetGain Cloud Vista Suite to ensure that the IT systems in remote sites are functioning properly, and to be able to resolve issues quickly.

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Fast and easy deployment, even over remote sites

Deployment is fast and easy. EM Edge is configured centrally at the HQ, and then sent down to the sites. Just plug EM Edge in and it is ready to start discovering devices.

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Manage hybrid networks

NetGain Cloud Vista Suite lets you centrally manage both your physical and cloud IT infrastructure spread across hybrid networks. NetGain Cloud Vista Suite removes the constraints of managing only physical networks to let you manage all your IT assets, both on-premise and in the Cloud.

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Ideal for Managed Services Providers (MSPs)

NetGain Cloud Vista Suite is a multi-tenant solution, is highly scalable and is capable of monitoring more than a million devices in remote branches, through MPLS or internet links. It provides MSPs with an easy-to-use and cost-effective cloud solution to offer IT infrastructure management and SIEM as a service to their clients.

How it works?

NetGain Cloud Vista Suite runs on any cloud provider’s platform, and consists of two components:

 NetGain Cloud Vista and NetGain EM Edge

NetGain is trusted by companies, from small to very large enterprises. Our largest user is a telecoms company where NetGain monitors more than a million devices!

Learn how NetGain helps our telecoms customers gain greater visibility to their customers’ networks and systems, providing better service at lower costs.

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