Enterprise Manager

Monitor Easier

NetGain v10 Enterprise Manager™ allows users to customize the dashboard to provide a single view of vital traffic information that matters to the users.

Intuitive Menu

Be in control of your monitoring with NetGain v10 Enterprise Manager™ intuitive menu.

Simple Setup

Discover devices and set threshold levels in seconds.

Health Status

Live charts to display devices’ latest health statuses.

Powerful Alerts

Receive immediate alerts when devices cross critical threshold levels.

Discover Devices in Seconds

Discover devices in seconds just by entering the IP range of the Network. Have Network list in Excel? Alternatively, you can just upload it and NetGain v10 Enterprise Manager™ will do the work for you in seconds.

Receive Alerts Immediately

Receive alerts via SMS, email, audio alarms or popup windows instantly when devices reach critical levels.

Create Logical or Physical Network Topology Automatically in Minutes

NetGain v10 Enterprise Manager™ will generate logical topology upon discovery of the devices in the network within minutes. See how your devices are connected to each other and monitor bandwidth between devices.

Link Your IT Infrastructure to Your Business

When a switch goes down, how does it affects your business? Take advantage of NetGain v10 Enterprise Manager™ Business View to link your IT infrastructure to your business for a deeper insight into how downed devices affects your business.

Display Your IT Infrastructure on Google Maps

Get a bird’s eye view of the health of your IT infrastructure by pinning your IT infrastructure on Google Maps. NetGain Enterprise Manager™ also provides option to upload 2D maps and floor plans to map your IT infrastructure.

Generate Reports With A Click

Generate industry standard based reports with click of a button for IT audits or capacity planning. Schedule reports to deliver to your inbox when you need it. Reports can be customized to suit the demands of the IT team.

NetGain Netflow Add-on Module

Network Traffic Analyser

NetFlow Add-On Module, integrated and working together with NetGain v10 Enterprise ManagerTM  has the ability to characterise IP traffic and account for how and where it flows, which is critical for managing network availability and ensuring peak performance.

NetFlow Add-On Module captures network traffic and converts them into meaningful graphs, charts and pies for network managers to understand how their corporate network is being used. This facilitates more accurate capacity planning and ensures that resources are used appropriately in support of organisational goals.

NetGain Appliance

NetGain v10 Enterprise ManagerTM Is Available As Software & Hardware

Purchase NetGain v10 Enterprise ManagerTM either as a software or in our custom made Appliance. As a software, NetGain Enterprise ManagerTM is light weight and easy to install. Customers can request for the software to be delivered as 64-bit/32-bit Windows application, Linux or as a VM image file.

NetGain v10 Enterprise ManagerTM Appliance is a hardware based monitoring solution that is fast and easy to deploy. The Appliance comes with a hardened Linux 2.6 64-bit kernel base NetGain Enterprise ManagerTM.

NetGain v10 Enterprise ManagerTM Appliance comes with an external USB modem to send out alerts via SMS. The Appliance is also HA (High Availability) ready that works on a Active Passive model.

The NetGain Capabilities

Intuitive Dashboard

NetGain Enterprise Manager™ builds your customized dashboard easily to provide a single view of vital traffic information.

Versatile Architecture

NetGain Enterprise Manager™ is built with a high degree of scalability, convenient to deploy and scale as your business grows.

Discover Devices Automatically

Enter the range of IP addresses and NetGain Enterprise Manager™ will automatically build the presentation within seconds.

Pin Devices On Maps

Use floor plans or Google maps to pin and view status of devices in a single glance. Layer 2/3 topology map is generated in seconds.

Effortless Monitoring

NetGain Enterprise Manager™ is all about easy monitoring. All devices are always viewable from a single dashboard.

Early Alerts

Receive SMS, email, audio or pop up windows alerts when your devices reach critical or preset threshold levels.

One Click Reports

Generate management reports of tables and graphs to be used for IT audits or capacity planning with a click of a button.

Fully Customizable

Get deep insights of your IT health with customize monitoring. NetGain Enterprise Manager™ is compatible with various scripts for in-depth customization.

Details & Specifications

  • Supports industry standard protocols, SNMP, WMI, Telnet, SSH and more.
  • With a high degree of scalability, you can deploy now and scale as your business requirement changes.
  • Start monitoring over 1000+ devices with deployment in less than one hour.
  • 100% browser based intuitive GUI with bundled database makes it an easy job to manage your network.
  • As comprehensive as Tier 1 and 2 companies but much easier to use at more competitive pricing.
  • Utilises lightweight agents (probes) to periodically collect and monitor status and performance.
  • Information is validated against pre-defined thresholds or policies to generate notifications about potential breakdowns, which are sent to IT personal, via email, SMS, audio alarms or popup windows.
Network Devices
– Network routers and switches
– Firewalls
– Load balancers
Network Storage Devices
– NetApp
– Hitachi
Operating Systems
– AIX Monitoring
– HP/UX Monitoring
– Linux Monitoring
– Solaris Monitoring
Windows Monitoring
– Web Servers
– Apache Monitoring
– IIS Monitoring
– Sun Java System Monitoring
Application Servers
– WebLogic Monitoring
– WebSphere Monitoring
– JBoss Monitoring
– Apache Monitoring
– JRun Monitoring
– .Net Runtime Monitoring
– Tomcat Monitoring
– Glassfish Monitoring
– Resin Monitoring
– DB2 Monitoring
– SQL Server Monitoring
– MySQL Monitoring
– Oracle Monitoring
– Sybase Monitoring
Application Management
– URL Monitoring
– JMX Monitoring
– Distributed Platforms

NetGain v10 Enterprise Manager™ is a complete end-to-end IT infrastructure monitoring platform that is meant to be a comprehensive operation support solution for IT administrators.

NetGain v10 Enterprise Manager™ offers advance fault and performance monitoring across critical IT resources such as network devices, WAN, VoIP links, virtual devices (VMware and Hyper-V), Domain controllers, MS Exchange, MS SQL and other IT infrastructure components.

NetGain v10 Enterprise Manager™ uses intelligent and lightweight agents (or probes) to periodically collect and monitor status and performance information from diverse and complex IT environments, such as network devices, servers, databases, applications, and more. The information is validated against pre-defined thresholds or policies to generate notifications about potential breakdowns, which are sent to IT personal, via email, SMS, audio alarms or popup windows.

Why IT Teams Love NetGain Systems

"Since Panasonic signed up to NetGain's IMaaS (Infrastructure Monitoring as a Service), I definitely know that I can sleep more peacefully. Not only did they meet our escalation process requirements, they could deliver IMaaS as a service - the other contenders could not deliver this."
Panasonic IT Team

“NetGain Systems Enterprise Manager has helped us to ensure that our customers web experience of Internet Banking Portal is up to the mark. We are now able to keep an eye on our portal 24 x 7.”
CIMB Group

“Since we implemented NetGain Enterprise Manager, we have been able to mitigate IT infrastructural risks and greatly reduced the impact of critical incidents. The NetGain Systems technical team have been instrumental in ensuring the Enterprise Manager is optimized and fine-tuned to monitor all our systems. I would recommend NetGain Systems to any organization looking to reduce downtime and businesses losses.”
Cogent Holdings

“NetGain Systems' solution is extremely easy to use with its simple interface but detailed features, which makes monitoring a breeze. The monitoring solution is highly accurate and configurable. Customization is a main reason we went with NetGain Systems and it fitted perfectly to our workflow. Backup and restore is now easier than before.”
Lim & Tan Securities

"NetGain Systems values commitment and keeps to its promises. Its advanced and reliable product technology successfully serviced the Beijing Olympic Games, accomplishing the task of protecting the Beijing Olympic Games IT technology, and thereby contributing to the success of this great event."
Beijing Olympic Council of Games



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